Please Pray for My Wife

By The Webmaster

May 1, 2024

Please keep my lovely wife in your prayers. 

After days of excruciating pain in her arm, we decided it was time to go to the hospital where my wife Amy was AGAIN diagnosed with having another blood clot.  As you all know, a dislodged clot can easily lead to a stroke or heart attack among other conditions. More frightening this time is we have no idea why this reoccurred. Even the doctor and nurses were baffled. 
(And no, she did not get the "non-curing cure" for the previous virus which we all know causes clots but we're not allowed to publicly admit that.)

The pain is excruciating and we have a list of symptoms we must keep our eyes on until her body heals.

Please! Please, pray for her that she will have a safe and speedy recovery.


True Love