Message from the Sacred Heart of Jesus

By MatthewSix25to34

June 8

Greetings my brothers and sisters, I hope you are having a blessed day.

I am actually recording this days before I release it to you. I’m doing this because I had a unique experience with our Lord Jesus on the feast day of his Sacred Heart which was Friday, June 3, 2016. Not only was mass an internal one for me, but afterwards I was sitting in the pews and writing in my journal about my own experiences, about my day and the things that “I” want to talk about. I was just sitting doing this when I felt the presence in the words of Jesus speak to me and asked me to write, but something very interesting also occurred. You see my brothers and sisters I have been learning in this last leg of my journey about the true duality, if you would, of God and ourselves within us. Our Lord is very gracious and even as I was writing my part of the Journal I felt Him tell me to go ahead and continue and that he would pick up telling me what to do when I was finished. This was as if God himself was extending his hand his gesture to say please finish what you are doing and then we can speak. Can you imagine that? Almighty God giving me first priority of the time to finish what “I” was doing. How far we have left to travel in order to be truly like him
As you will hear the words that He gave me that morning, He is challenging us to allow Him to live more fully through us. I was not as surprised by that as I was by the fact that He related us loving others to the meaning of carrying the cross that he spoke of. How humbling to think of his words in this way, is it truly that difficult for us to love as we should?. I will now share what He gave me as I finished my writing.

Audio below (skip to 8:40 to hear just the message part):



June 3, 2016

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Savior, Jesus. Look at what you celebrate this day, look at the heart-broken and poured out for you upon the cross. I gave everything I had to the Father on your behalf and then returned to share it with you at the Holy mass. My children when I said for you to take up your cross and follow me it was not just the suffering I was speaking to you about, it was also about the love that I was going to share with you as well. I gave up everything I had on this earth even for those who despised and hated me, even for those who pierced my hands and my feet and who thrust a lance through my Sacred Heart so that my blood and water would be shared with you. I did all of that for even my enemies my children. That is also what I meant when I asked you to follow me. If I could do all that for those that wished to kill me, could you not give of yourself for those who are in need? I loved everyone directly as I was, but I was still just one man offering that love from within myself. Now I am inside all of you, desiring to do the same thing for each and every one of you that I come across; only now I am working directly through you. This is one of the reasons for having my divine life in you and why I feed it with my body and blood. Understand however my little ones, that due to your involvement with ego and pride (sin), that you will have to deny yourselves in order to love like this. This should be your ultimate desire while you are here: on a daily basis deny yourself so that I can live through you more fully and completely. Just as Scripture talks about when it mentions the idea of dying taking courage, this is also a death, a death of your ego and flesh in order for your God to have life within you. I came so that you might have life and to have it more abundantly, do you now see what I was speaking of? There are more meanings to my words than what you may see. Pray for this understanding my children and little by little I will be able to take residence within your heart where I belong and you will then truly have supernatural life within you. That is all my son, now go in peace and share what divine words I have given to you. I love you, amen.