Beware of Priests who Turn into Hunters

By Miscellaneous Messages

December 1, 2019

Message given to Steve, A faithful Catholic in England

I am looking at the golden tabernacle in the centre of the altar and see a large green vine come out and several large red tomatoes appear on the vine. It is daylight. The sun shines bright. Next, I see several white Eucharist hosts come out of the tomatoes.

The scene changes and now I see a lush forest with many small animals: rabbits, squirrels, deer, birds, etc. Then the Blessed Mother appears and begins speaking to the animals telling them to feed on the Eucharist so they will be transformed into little children and will be able to go to heaven to live with their big brother who is the king of heaven and Earth. I did not see a shepherd. Then, the Blessed Mother warns the little animals that there are hunters in the woods who will try to capture the animals and the animals must avoid being captured by the hunters.

The scene turns dark. The trees in the forest are bare. It is cold and wintery. I see the shape of a man who appears like an outline all in white with black edges. I understand the man is a hunter the Blessed Mother warned about. I understand the hunter previously had been a shepherd of the animals. Then a large owl appears who has black eyes. I sense the owl is silent, hidden and directs the hunter's actions. Under the owl's malign influence, the shepherd changed into a hunter. I saw the hunter appear to the animals and trick them into following him to a dark altar which looked similar to the altar with the golden tabernacle. This dark altar had black cables running into the bottom of it and out of the door of the dark tabernacle came a large moving black river. Upon looking closer, I saw that the black river was actually composed of many large and thick black snakes that wriggled out of the dark tabernacle. The snakes moved in a coordinated manner which gave the appearance of moving black water. The hunter guided the little animals to the dark tabernacle. The snakes entered inside the animals and made a nest in their chests. The little animals got spiritually sick and could not change into little children. The Blessed Mother then made me understand I was to write down the visions so people could be warned.

Interpretation: In the first setting of the golden tabernacle, Jesus is the vine coming out and the tomatoes are his wounds and Sacred Heart from which we receive the Eucharist. The little animals symbolize people who still have carnal desires (animal influences) that need to be transformed by the sacraments: confession and the Eucharist so they can go to heaven to be with Jesus. The shepherds were gone and the Blessed Mother was the one remaining influence guiding the little animals to Jesus. The absence of the shepherd symbolizes the many priests who will abandon Jesus in the Eucharist and forsake the Blessed Mother. The Blessed Mother is warning her children not to follow these priests because they have become hunters under the malign influence of evil forces, symbolised by the owl. The hunters will trick the animals into worshipping idols at a dark altar. Evil spirits, symbolized by the black snakes, will hinder the spiritual transformation of the animals, keeping them enslaved to their carnal or lower animal-like nature, preventing them from becoming little children of God.

Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake?
Matt: 9 -10

Jesus said, Truly I say to you, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
Matt 18: 3