Message from Our Mother to Anna Marie

By Miscellaneous Messages

December 12, 2019


[During the 2019 Healing Conference in New York, Anna Marie met a beautiful family from the Conyers, Georgia area. The lovely mother invited Anna Marie to come to her celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the
land she and her husband bought and dedicated to Jesus Christ and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Anna Marie
prayed, asking Jesus if He wanted her to go to Conyers for this holy Feast Day. Jesus told Anna Marie in a private message to go and bless the land with the Home Protection Kit. So plans were made and she did go to
Conyers to celebrate this holy feast in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe. On December 11, while walking the
land with the family and others, the mother was carrying a beautiful Crucifix of Jesus, walking in front of and
leading all those present and reciting the following prayer as a Chaplet: “Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have
mercy on us and on the whole world”. After installing two of the four canisters of the Home Protection Kit,
and while praying, “Most Sacred Heart of Jesus….”, the Crucifix began dripping Holy blood from it. Anna
Marie watched Jesus’ Precious Blood dropping on the walkway. As Anna Marie pointed it out to another
Apostle in attendance, she too began seeing the drops of Jesus blood dropping on the walkway. It was a
great miracle! They were all excited and overwhelmed! After they finished installing the four canisters, Anna
Marie’s group returned to the hotel for the night, in preparation of the following Feast Day’s celebration and
dedication of the families land to Jesus and Mother Mary. A Priest would be celebrating Mass after reciting
the Rosaries. The following message was given to Anna Marie just past midnight on the Feast Day of Our
Lady of Guadalupe.]

Anna Marie: My Lady, I hear you calling me. My dearest Lady, forgive me for I am a sinner. My Lady may I
ask you please? Will you bow down and adore Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, born in Bethlehem, raised
in Nazareth. Grew up, suffered and died on the Cross for the salvation of sinners?

Mother Mary: Yes my dear one, I your Heavenly Mother Mary will now and will always bow down and adore
my beloved Son, Jesus of Nazareth, who was born in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth, who did suffer and die
on the Cross for all mankind’s sins. Who ascended into Heaven where my Son now sits at His Father’s right
hand side to judge the living and the dead.

Anna Marie: Yes my dearest Mother, please speak for your sinful servant is now listening.

[Mother Mary gave Anna Marie a private message.]

Mother Mary: Please know that today will be a very special day at my son and daughter’s home. Their Heavenly Mother and yours will be present for the days celebrations. I will change lives this day and pour my holy
graces upon those present. I will invoke my Son’s many special graces upon each person who is praying and
searching for me as their Mother, known as Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is a title that is so special to me.
My precious children that know me under this title will experience my Heavenly Miraculous graces and all
will know that I AM THEIR TRUE MOTHER. Please tell my children this:

Mother Mary: As you invoke me under this title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, you acknowledge that I am the
Mother of your Savior Jesus Christ. In doing so, you are also addressing me as your Heavenly Mother and Patroness of the Americas. My little children, I have come today to enlighten you all with my Divine Son’s
mercy and miraculous gifts of grace and peace. I am your Holy Heavenly Mother and I will not abandon you
during your trials and hardships. Turn to me as your Mother, turn to my Son, your Savior and place your sor-

[This portion was accidentally cut off on the original message...]

Mother Mary: Your prayers will all be heard and I will grant you very special graces to help you live through the tribulations of life, including the
Chastisement. Where an image of me is honored in reverence to my
Motherhood, to my children of Latin America, your blessings and great
miracles will take place. I am your Lady of Guadalupe. I am the Mother of
your Divine Savior Jesus, and you will see where I am honored that my
Heavenly Protection of your home and land will be great!

Mother Mary: Now little ones, turn to my Divine Son, tell Him how much
you truly love His gift of salvation for your lives. Never allow one day to
pass in telling my Son that you love Him and you thank Him for saving
your family members from damnation. Then you will see how great and
merciful My Precious Son is in your life.

Mother Mary: I love you my beloved children. Continue to see my Son in
His holy Church, at the Holy Mass and in Holy Communion especially after
you have received Him. Then quietly tell Him how you love Him. He will
show you how much He loves you in return.

Mother Mary: My dearest ones, come and seek me here [at the families home and land] often, for I am Our
Lady of Guadalupe, your Holy Mother. My daughter, please read this message after the Rosaries.

Anna Marie: Yes Mother, I will.

Mother Mary: Now my dear one, get your rest, it will be a busy day for you today.

Anna Marie: Yes Mother. Thank you Mother. We love you Mother.

End of Message

Anna Marie looked up the phrase: “Latin America” and the following countries were listed as part of Latin
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba,
the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala,
Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay,
Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela.