Watch, Wait & Pray

By Miscellaneous Messages

January 10th, 2019
Dear Readers
Many of you are probably wondering where is the warning? When I talk about the warning I am talking about the Illumination of conscious. It is a grave warning that God will send... all human kind...will see their soul as God see's it.  If you go onto the internet there are many messages given me about the comming warning. 
I believe my brothers and sisters that we are close and that there are many things that need to unfold. I believe that the next two years will be rough. I believe Tribulation is comming.  One of the things that the Lord told me; he said "you will know  when the warning is near".
When you see the free nations start to collapse. We have seen turmoil. The Lord told me also,  as many of you know about economic collapse throughout the world.  We already have started to see problems throughout Europe.  I believe that economic collapse will eventually spread here. 
But, the Lord has given us some time to get ready and prepare ourselves.  Another thing the Lord told me and the Blessed Mother also told me was that before the warning you will see a great schism within the church.  And, many priests and bishops will try to change what the church teaches. 
I am quoting the Blessed Mother (that message was back in 2009) it was an Innerlocution. It means that it was an interior voice within my soul. 
My brothers and sisters we have seen a great schism within the church. There is confusion...its bishop against bishop, cardinal against cardinal. The bishops are confused in what to believe...they're divided.  But, you must understand my brothers and sisters that before the warning comes there must be great purification.  
I know many people that have asked me..."where is the warning?...where is it? I want to see it?".  As if people are looking forward to the warning.  But, my brothers and sisters the warning will not be a comfortable experience.  Because are souls will be Illuminated on the sins we have not confessed.  
That is why my brothers and sisters it is good to go to confession and especially to come to the sacrements and go to Mass.  We must pray for those who are in mortal sin that deliberatly turn themselves away from 
The Lord told me that many people would die of fright...not due to the warning...but, due to natural shock. Because they will not be able to look upon the Glory of the Lord.
Instead of asking where is the warning why has it not come yet? Try to prepare yourself...pray, go to Mass daily, receive the sacriment of the sick, go to confession, pray a Rosery, so you will be ready for the warning. But, also look inside yourself...ask the Holy Spirit to give you an Illumination of what can I improve on today.     
So, instead of anticipating the on your daily conversion every day, every moment, every hour, try to think of the Passion of Jesus. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus. When the warning comes it comes. 
My brothers and sisters I don't ask you to be fearful of the warning because it is the sign of Christ's Mercy for the world. If you want to look more about the Illumination there are many messages in the index of the website. 
My brothers and sisters this is the time where we just watch and wait. And, look at times around us and pray.  Watch wait and pray! We have a watchman. If your heart is open you will be able to read the signs of the time.