World to Enter its Last Days

By Miscellaneous Messages

November 2

Message to John Lawrence Mariani

Dear Readers
I received the message in November 2nd (2019). I entered into the church the Blessed Sacriment in Walpole, Massachusetts.  As I entered into the church and passed by the alter I had an interior vision of Jesus Christ. I drove my chair up to the Blessed Sacriment. I said to him the warning is close isn't it?
This is what he said.
He said "My child I wanted to let you know that you have done a good job in preparing my children for what is coming. For many years now I have sent many modern day prophets but the world has not listened. I have been silent to the majority of the world but, soon through the warning my silence is about ot be broken".  "For many years now the world has been going through the labor pain. But, I tell you when this warning comes. The world will enter a new birth".
Know that when the warning comes that the world has entered into the last days before my second coming.  And, that the anti-Christ will soon be apon you.  The anti-Christ will come when there is world economic failure.
This warning is a sign of my mercy to give a chance for people to turn back before I come as the King of Judgement.  Even the Angels in Heaven have been preparing themselves for the days to come. The Angels have given many signs in the Heavens.
Know that when the warning comes that the anti-Christ will be upon you. The anti-Christ will come when there is world wide economic failure. He also said that at time time the Church will be smaller than it is now.
Again I tell you...raise your head up high because the world is about to enter into its last days.