Message given to Steve, A faithful Catholic in England

By Miscellaneous Messages

November 2 thru November 14

On November 2, all souls day, I received a stern warning to priests from Jesus. Later on the evening of November 14, I received a similarly stern warning to priests from the Blessed Mother. The next morning, the Blessed Mother woke me early and told me to write down the messages and send them to you. Her tone was serious and very resolved that I should complete the task quickly. The warnings imply that the clergy are now going to lead the church in the wrong direction away from the Blessed Mother and the Eucharist. Any priest or laity who follows this direction can have no part in Christ's kingdom. Although not stated in the warnings, the implication is that the decisions from the Amazon Synod will lead the church to reduced emphasis on the Blessed Mother and the Eucharist.

So here attached is the write up.



November 2, 2019
All Souls Day, Latin Mass
Parallel Warnings to Priests
Aftermath of the Amazon Synod

During mass Jesus draws my attention to His statue of the Sacred Heart. His tone and mood is very stern and authoritative. I straighten and stand upright. As a former soldier, I notice I am standing at the position of attention as He is communicating to me. Jesus makes me understand I should concentrate on what He will tell me; the message is for priests who should pay attention to the ideas He communicates and the example of my own life as summarised in the parable below. The whole message is specifically for priests and foreshadows the choice faced by priests and then the entire church.

First, He calls my attention to the statue of Our Lady of Grace which is behind Him and a little to His right. Jesus communicates the idea that is summarised as follows: ·

"Anyone who does not honour My mother or is not under her mantle of protection cannot have any part or remain in My kingdom. Such souls are loyal to another sovereign (Satan). These souls are not loyal to Me because they reject My mother. They will be cast out into the darkness."

Our Lady of Grace

Our Lady of Grace

Next, I see in a vision Jesus is bringing forward next to Him the statue of Our Lady of Grace. Jesus communicates this idea, which is summarised as follows:

The two Hearts, the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, will reign over the New Jerusalem. This is Jesus' Will as sovereign and King. No one can oppose His will and remain in His kingdom. He is elevating Blessed Mother to be acknowledged and venerated by humanity as Queen of Heaven and Earth as co-redeemer with Jesus of the human race. The time for talk is over. The present crisis in the church is a test: a time of choosing sides. The crisis will end when Jesus fully places the Blessed Mother next to Him. In the end, the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart will triumph and humanity will fully recognize and acknowledge her as their Queen and Sovereign of Heaven and Earth.

Priests need to heed and emulate the following parable: A servant lived his life poorly following the instructions his master. The master's Mother came and corrected the servant who listened and repented in humility. The servant accepted the master's Mother and implemented her inspirations and guidance to renounce worldly things and to surrender his life in following the example of the Master Jesus.

Some servants (priests) will soon die and go to heaven. Some priests will continue to live on Earth and go on to live in the New Jerusalem. Some priests will die on Earth and will also suffer the second death.



November 14, 2019
Evening Adoration

The Holy Eucharist

Jesus in the Eucharist

While driving home and praying the rosary, I sense the presence of the Blessed Mother. She wants me to do something. I request authentication from Jesus. She then shows me a monstrance signalling she will communicate the task during adoration. Later during adoration, I see the stem of the monstrance broken and the top part of the monstrance with Eucharist is gone. Blessed Mother is very serious and her tone is stern like Jesus' earlier message. She says:

"Warn them. This is a test. Whoever does not remain loyal to my son in the monstrance cannot have any part in his kingdom."

I understand the message is for the priests of the whole world.

Interpretation: It seems that the Amazon Synod was a turning point for the clergy and they are going in the wrong direction leading souls to reduced emphasis on the Blessed Mother and the Eucharist. Both Jesus and the Blessed Mother are warning the clergy and humanity of the consequences of abandoning the protection of the Blessed Mother and removing the Eucharist. Those who follow this path are walking to an eternity of darkness under the rule of their chosen sovereign: Satan.

Jesus Crucified

The Crucified Lord

This message is a follow up to a previous message from December 31, 2017 where I was shown the clergyman in white tearing out pages from a large book, a wooden platter with fruit knocking down a chalice spilling the wine, the cutting of the rosary, and a circle turning itself inside out.