Get Ready- By John Lawrence Mariani

By Miscellaneous Messages

April 13, 2020

Dear Readers on Monday night I received a message from Our Lord Jesus Christ. I was in front of the Blessed Sacriment in my Chapel. I was asking the Lord questions. How long it was going to be like this? How long do we have to go without going to Mass? And, I was dissapointed with my Bishop. I'm no longer living in Canton Massachusetts im in Taunton. I moved out because my fiance is down inTaunton going through medical issues. And the Bishop in Fall River Massachusetts has not only suspended Mass but also suspended drive up Confessions due to the Coronavirus. So, we haven't been able to receive the Sacriments. 
I also asked "What am I doing here at this time?" and "When will things get back to normal?". The Lord said to me that after this there will be "one trial after another!".  That, this is only the beginning.
A long time ago Jesus told me about refuges that were being prepared for the Tribulation.
I have spoken about them before. And those messages are in the website archive page. I do not know the exact one. But I believe the time of the sanctuaries is approaching. Not yet...but it is coming. I believe governments throughout the world...they are taking advantage of this situation. Trying to see how much fear they can instill on control people.
We must be ready. We must all be ready. Cause this is just the beginning of the storm. The waves are a little choppy. They are about to get even more choppier. Just pray that you can hold on to your faith and hold on to your sanity. Even I am going insane.  I miss my friends, I miss society, going to the Sacriments and receiving them, but the Lord did say that before the coming of the Illumination of Concience the Church would be a lot smaller.    
I believe that the Governments and the States will have control of the Church's and will  have control over everything!
A long time ago Jesus told me that Super Markets would be closed and that the Dollar would crash. I believe that if things continue as they are the dollar will crash..
When Jesus spoke to me Monday night he said to stock up on can goods, canned vegetables,and the things that would last.  
A year ago in 2019 I received Ready Made Meals. My friend John Leary who also received messages gave them to me. You might of heard of him? He writes the "Great Tribulation Books" book is titled "Prepare for the Great Tribulation". I  first heard of John Leary through a friend and emailed him back in 2010. In 2009 when I was young and  thought that I was the only one getting these messages is how I became aquainted with him. I met him twice but I do not copy what he is saying. I only look at his messages once in a blue moon.
My messages are my messages. His messages are his messages. But we confirm with each other what the Lord is telling us and I feel that is really good.
If you can...there are certain websites you can go on to get Ready Made Meals. Hurry up people are already buying them up. I also wanted to get Solar Panels in case the Chinese decide to shut off the Grid.
I believe that we are in for a number of trials and that the warning will be here in a year or so.  I'm not sure but everything that the Lord has told me will happen is starting to come to fulfillment. He told me that there would be economic collapse before the warning comes. We'll just have to wait and see.
God Bless You my brothers and sisters. Continue to say the Chaplet of Devine Mercy, especially this week as the Feast of Divine Mercy is approaching this Sunday. If you have an image of the Divine Mercy in your home Venerate it and Honor it. Because Jesus said to Sister Faustina "Anybody who Venerates the image of the Divine Mercy will receive Special Graces. If you don't have a picture you can order one on-line.
God have Mercy on us all and God prepare us to be ready!
P.S. Dear readers if you want to look at the older prophecies to do with the economic collapse you can click on my Archives at the bottom of my Homepage.