Message to a Faitfhul Catholic in England

By Miscellaneous Messages

March 19, 2020

While praying the rosary, the Blessed Mother and St. Philomena came to me. St. Philomena made me understand that many priests are afraid of contracting the Coronavirus and wanted to avoid giving extreme unction, last rites, to those infected with the virus. I understood priests should be brave like St. Philomena. Priests could call on St. Philomena for protection from the Coronavirus and for courage to give the sacraments to the faithful during this time of emergency. Priests should be brave like St. Philomena was brave in facing her sufferings. Blessed Mother made me understand I was to tell priests this, The Blessed Mother says "My Son will not be pleased if you avoid giving the sacraments to those who are in danger of dying."
Shortly afterwards, Jesus sternly reinforced this message. Jesus called me to online adoration and said sternly, "I will take very seriously any dereliction of duty. Tell them this."
Jesus meant, He will view with stern justice any cowardly actions of priests who shirk their duties to the faithful out of fear for their own health.