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April 21, 2020

Pray for Non-Believers

On Tuesday of this week (April 21, 2020) I received a message from Jesus, this is what he said.

My child the warning is getting close. You must tell my children the time has come to flock to my Mothers mantle and to hold on to the Rosary.  The time is coming when all hope will seem to be lost.  Soon you will see nature more off balance than ever. There will be many earthquakes, tsunami's and other things with nature. 

When he said this, I had an Interior Vision of many earthquakes, many tsunami's  just like the Lord had described. I saw the earth off its axis.

Tell my children to hold on to the Rosary, that they must pray now in order to be prepared for the time to come. The Tribulation will continue to spread throughout the world. One thing after another will happen.

When all hope seems lost the warning will come. This is the warning of My Mercy. You must pray that the souls are converted during the warning. Pray now so that non-believers will be converted during the Illumination of Conscience, so I do not have to send the Great Chastisement, if people do not repent during the warning. Pray unceasingly for non-believers so when the warning does come they will believe.

Tell my children to continue to flock to My Mother. She will give My Children strength during this time. And again I tell you "Pray for the Non-Believers"  so that they may be converted during the warning so I do not have to send the Great Chastisement.