Current Events & Previous Messages to Christina Gallagher

By Miscellaneous Messages

February 13

Diseases will fall upon many; Plagues will devour many...

The rapid spread of the deadly CORONAVIRUS from China and the terrifying devastation by swarms of LOCUSTS across East Africa are alerting many people to yet more of the messages given years ago by Jesus and Our Blessed Mother to Christina Gallagher for the world.

In the message of July 16, 2002 (see The Cross Uncovered p.260) Our Blessed Lady warned, "Diseases will fall upon many; plagues will devour many."


Again, on January 26, 2013 (see The Cross Uncovered p.343) Jesus said, “The world will endure many diseases and plagues- diseases that will be man-made.” As far back as February 22, 2005 (see The Cross Uncovered p.278) Our Lady made Christina aware that “there will be an epidemic throughout the world with a germ which is bred through AIDS. Many innocent people will catch it and die. There will be a virus-type plague which will kill many people through- out the world.”

From the first moment the Coronavirus was announced, Christina was aware that this is the virus Our Lady spoke of. Medical scientists and analysts have now discovered a link between The Coronavirus and Aids.


In His message given in October 2012 (see The Cross Uncovered p.333) Jesus said, “My people, hear and respond as I have called you, for even worse turmoil is on its way. The locusts will come and devour you while you are spiritually asleep.”

On March 29, 2009 (see The Cross Uncovered p.309) Our Blessed Lady had said, “Locusts such as have never been seen before will form a plague; it will seem as if they themselves have an evil intent, almost as if they have an awareness that they are to wreak destruction…"

Nearly ten million people in the affected region of East Africa already face dire food shortages owing to floods and drought. A humanitarian crisis now looms there in the face of unprecedented numbers of voracious locusts. Not only have the countries of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya been infested but South Sudan and Uganda are facing similar invasion.