What’s the Use?

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July 3, 2020

By Mark Mallett

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“What’s the use? Why bother planning anything? Why start any projects or invest in the future if everything is going to collapse anyway?” These are the questions some of you are asking as you begin to grasp the seriousness of the hour. And here’s an answer…

Read What’s the Use? by Mark Mallett at The Now Word.


*From the Webmaster:

Are asking these same questions to yourself.  Is a sense of silent despair stopping you from starting anything new?   If so, you are not alone, I'm in that boat with you.  That's why you need to go to Mark Mallett's site and read this article!!!  And while you are there, watch the latest videos by Mark Mallett and Daniel O'Connor on the 7 seals.   Amazing!!!  You can watch them at: https://www.countdowntothekingdom.com/videos/

Also, Daniel O'Connor has an amazing audio book on Youtube called "The Crown of History".  Filled with many prophecies of the past century leading up to today.  Very well done and so much many more prophecies leading up to today than I was aware of!!!  You can watch it (until Youtube takes it down) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf2hTqJx7dg&list=TLPQMDIwNzIwMjAgql12KGkP8w&index=5