Interior Vision given to John Mariani

By Miscellaneous Messages

July 2, 2020

Last night I was at my Chapel. I called upon the Virgin Mary. I was sad and I had an interior vision of Her. It was as if she was standing in front of me. She had a Rosary in Her hand and Her vale was blue with gold stars. This is what she said.
My child I am here to console you but I also have a Revelation to give to you. As you know Gods plan for the world is beginning to unfold. The shroud of darkness has fallen. The storm is going to get darker. Like the Lord said to you It shall be trial after trial.  This is a punishment because the world has not turned to God. Know that the warning is getting close.
My child the time of the Christian persecution which the Lord has foretold to you is coming. You must pray for the Bishops that the Holy Spirit will fill them with Holy boldness to stand up for the truth. To stand up to the leaders who wish to smother My church.  Much chaos is coming.
As the Lord told you the world is at the beginning stages of the Tribulation. Much more is to come. The time of hopelessness which the Lord has told you is coming and know that soon the Warning will come as well.
Soon you shall see greater confusion and greater Apocracy* within the Church. And during this time you will see many priests leave for fear of persecution. The Church will become smaller.
The time is coming when the things that society once knew, the things that once existed, soon will be no more.  You shall see governments collapse throughout the world.
You must tell My children to come under my mantle. The warning is getting closer each day. You must tell my children to make a general confession before the warning and to pray everyday.

*I had to look up what this word meant and was surprised to see how the dictionary used it:

The process of changing something so much that it loses it original meaning.
"The apocracy of religious doctrine has created confusions among the faithful."