Mark of the Beast

By Miscellaneous Messages

May 31

From John Lawrence Mariani

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Dear Readers a few years back I wrote about how the end times were aproaching. I wrote about that in 2018. You can find it on my website I believe it is titled The End Times. I would like to talk about the End Times again as it has been awhile.
My brothers and sisters as I wrote in my last entry Jesus said to me last month that we are in the beginning stages of the Tribulation and unfortunately when it comes we will begin to see things unravel.
I would like to quote my November 2nd, 2019 message when Jesus said to me that the world is about to be approaching the last days. He said we will know when the world has entered into the last days when the Illimination of Concious comes. The warning for the world to prove that the Lord God exists.
I had a vision of this warning when I was younger. The warning is going to be a vision of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross. He will reveal to us the state of our souls at that moment.
In 2007 the Lord told me that when the warning comes you will know that the Anti-Christ will reveal himself soon. Again on November 2nd, 2019 the Lords message was saying that: When the warning comes you will know that the world has entered in the last days. And, that the Anti-Christ will reveal himself during a time of economic chaos.  
Everybody has read the Book of Revelation or if not read...has heard the term The Mark of the Beast...666. The Book of Revelation says that without this mark you will not be able to buy  or sell.
My brothers and sisters I believe that the Evangilist Saint John the writer of the Book of Revelations saw that 666 was Nero's number...the King of Rome.  I believe Saint John the Evangilist saw a computer chip with a bunch of numbers that said 666. And I believe we are approaching the time of the Mark of the Beast. And I believe that the Anti-Christ will reveal himself soon.
I believe the Anti-Christ is in the shadows lerking in all of this...the economic system and the world economy.
We are already starting to see certain signs of the Chip coming and I will give you an example. People have already started taking the Chip in buying merchandise. I read an article the other day that Europe wishes to make use of the Chip a nation wide thing now. Everybody will have the Chip...this is what Europe wants to do!
My brothers and sisters soon the Chip will be world wide. It will be mandatory...but my brothers and sisters do not take the Chip for the Chip is the mark for the Anti-Christ. At this time there will be many Martyrs and many people will be taken to the FEMA Camps. 
Now here is my theory on how the world is going to promote the chip. As you know there is the Corona Virus that is spread throughout the world. I believe that the Corona Virus is the work of the people who want the New World Order.
They created this virus and made it spread throughout the world because they know that this is the right trigger to cause a global economic collapse and cause total anarchy and chaos and disorder. Pretty soon I believe leaders throughout the world are going to say "Cash is are all at risk for getting sick if you use cash".
So, the One World Orders proposal is going to be "Lets get rid of cash" and put a Chip in you to make it easier and it will be safe and the people will be less vulnerable. Brothers and Sisters do not listen to that for it is a ploy to make people get the Chip. In this Chip the One World Order will be able to track you.
My brothers and sisters this is the time of the ultimate test in our faith that is coming. As Jesus said we can tell when its going to rain or when it will be hot. But how is it you cannot read the signs of the times? This is what Jesus said to the Pharisees but my children im praying to you to read the signs of the times.
The Book of Revelation is being fulfilled. Not quite yet but it is working in the shadows and we must be ready to pay the ultimate price for our faith.
I guarantee that when they ask you to take the chip thay will ask you to deny Christ too. And the Anti-Christ leader that rises he will ask you to serve him. Thats what I believe that is going to happen. And like I said earlier I believe that the Anti-Christ is lurking in the shadows and has been for quite some time.
And, when the warning comes he will reveal himself when there is complete economic chaos in this world. He will say "I can help you". I can solve the worlds problems. Just take the Chip and everything will be alright. And, by the way you have to deny the Christian Faith and if you don't you will be sentenced to death.
If you want to find out more about the Mark of the Beast you can read it in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13 where it says  you will not be able to buy or sell without this Mark.
And thats what we are headed towards and I guarantee it...we are going to see it in the next few years. Our good friend Bill Gates has said that he wants a digital financial system because it would be easier.
In all these people Bill Gates is just a puppet. But, there is one man that is the head of all these people. We do not know who it is yet but we will know soon.
My children I ask you to Pray to the Blessed Mother and to the Lord Jesus Christ, that you might be prepared to face the untimate test.
I not only say this to Christians...I say it to non-believers and believers alike. The Chip is an evil tool that the government will use to track us under their control. I ask you to pray and discern and be ready for the months ahead. Things are going to get rough. If I were you I would take some money out of the banks and put it in your home safe.
I pray that the stock market doesn't collapse. Better be safe than sorry. The best thing you can do is pray how you know to pray to Jesus and to Mary.