"Brace Yourself"

By Miscellaneous Messages

June 29, 2020

An Urgent Warning about the 2nd Half of 2020


On June 29th, Rick Wiles, host of TruNews.com, aired an eye-opening duscussion about a series of visions given to Dana Coverstone.  The vision was in 2 parts, the first given earlier in the year pertained to Covid-19 and the civil unrest we are experiencing today.  The 2nd more recent vision shown America ablaze with civil war unfolding as well as foreign troops on the streets of America by November 2020.  Although this person is not a Catholic, I felt that the visions aligned very similarly to those of Fr. Michel Rodrigue

As always, please pray for discernment before proceeding.  


If this youtube video is taken down, you can view the original broadcast on TruNews.com.