URGENT - A call to 'prayer like never before'

By Miscellaneous Messages

March 8

From Christina Gallagher

Christina states,

At this critical moment when Ireland and the entire world are confronted by the coronavirus, I am surprised not to have heard from every Church leader an appeal calling people in their homes to storm Heaven with prayer for the mercy of God to protect us because this virus is a war against life. Seeing it for what it is - a weaponised disease of biological warfare..not only targeting the elderly but, according to certain experts, also causing permanent damage to the lungs of the younger generation, surely no effort can be spared to implore Heaven to come to our rescue.

I believe now is the time we are called to carry out what Our Lady suggested to us, namely that those who already have in their homes Her 3-dimensional image as Queen of Peace, pray Her Rosary before it from their hearts every day and wear Her sacramentals, ie the Matrix Medal and Precious Petal.

It is already some years since Our Lady Herself begged humanity not only to pray but to "pray as never before" and now that the events which She clearly and repeatedly warned us about (over the past 30 years) are upon the world, are people going to wait until it is no longer possible to do even that?

In the present crisis when the world is in the grip of a deadly pandemic and totally bereft of any medical remedy, surely there should be a nationwide (indeed a worldwide) summons to all people- irrespective of their beliefs- to turn to Almighty God in their own homes and beg fervently for protection and deliverance even if it is clear that we are already in the very grip of this plague?

It is bewildering and frustrating to hear from politicians insistent calls to the public to wash their hands while, at the same time they permit people to come and go from the worst affected areas abroad without restriction and they refuse to cancel huge gatherings of people such as St. Patrick's Day parades and sporting fixtures which will propagate and embed this deadly virus more fully in communities nationwide. Is the economic concern more important than conserving and saving people's lives? A medical professor in Texas, speaking recently on PRIME TIME observed that Ireland had a unique capability, being an island, to ensure the virus would be kept out of the country but had failed.

Or is it deliberately permitted by certain world powers to allow a Stockmarket and banking collapse with a view to imposing more easily 'the chip' so as to usher in a total control of people? One wonders...

Christina Gallagher.
Fr. Gerard McGinnity,
Spiritual Director