We are in the beginning stage of Tribulation

By Miscellaneous Messages

May 11

Message to John Lawrence Mariani

Dear Readers
In the last couple of weeks I've been meditating on the messages that I recently received. They are on the website if you want to see them. I believe that we have entered into the beginning part of the Tribulation.
I was in my Chapel the other day in front of the Blessed Sacriment and I said to the lord  "I saw what I saw" "I heard what I heard" and I also referred to other prophets in this modern day. I have spoke to the Lord and I said  Heaven is now on the move and everything is coming to fulfilment.
I didn't know what to post this month but I asked Jesus what do I tell the people this month? I heard the voice of Jesus in my heart and he said tell them that "the beginning of the Tribulation is here". That is the word that I got the other day!
Than two weeks ago I went into the Chapel again because I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and all of a sudden I heard the voice of the Eternal Father and he said my child "much of what I told you when you were younger you will start to see". You will see the beginning stages of the Tribulation and will see much of what I fortold to you a long time ago.
He said the warnings that I am going to send are the final warning before I return.  When I return through my son Jesus Christ the time of grace will be over.
My brothers and sisters even though it is a time of trial there will be more trials to come. Know that we are still in the Time of Grace and when Jesus returns for the second time the Time of Grace will be over. 
Right now it is the harvest. Right now it is the time to choose what side you are on...God or the side of man?
The warning which is to come through the Illumination of Concience is giving us the opportunity to come back to God and to know him before he returns. We need to repent and purify ourselfs.
In this world we think we are the Gods, we are in control, so much of the world has taken God out of the equation. Human kind has messed with Creation... I will give you an example: There is so much cloning of animals and things like that, and trying to recreate things. Human kind has begun to mess with the laws of nature and the laws of physics. Everything becomes off balanced.
When the Lord  Prophecies and gives messages he tells us  to turn back to Him. But if we ignore Him and just address ourselves this is what will happen. So, its not God that is punishing us, He is allowing these things to go on,  but its because human-kind  has chosen to put God out of the equation. So in some sense we have punished ourselves.
But hopefully through the warning we will learn.  We are in the beginning part of the Tribulation, it is just the beginning.  We must pray that the Bishops and Priests speak up to the Governors that want to keep the Church closed and pray that they reopen.
Some people say we are going to get a break in the Fall and everything is going to be fine. I personally think we could see a break in the Fall but I am not sure? But what I know is that things will probably never go back to normal from here.
Governors in certain States are starting to arrest people for no apparent reason. I used to think that Marshal Law would be enforced by the president, now that things are playing out in crisis mode like this, the States will decide what to do and how to enforce things.  
If you remember the last message it was to "Pray for Non-Believers".  We must hold on to the Rosary and come under the Blessed Mothers Mantle to help give us the Grace during this time.
Because the time is coming when all hope will seem to be lost, it will be chaos during that time. And the only one thats going to be able to give us peace is God, Mary, and all the Saints.
We must pray for the Apostles, we must pray to the first Apostles Saint Peter and Paul because now you can't Celebrate Mass in public.  
I remember having a vision back in 2014 where people were lined up against the wall and shot for Celebrating Mass in public. My vision is in the Archives of my website.
I believe that time is coming shortly and that we must pray to the Churches to stand up to the Government now to reopen the Churches because if they dont't stand up now they won't be able to stand up to the Govenment when Tribulation starts full force.
I would be prepared for the Masses to go underground, I think its going to happen, so we can receive the Eucharist. We are living in simular times as Prophet Daniel In that  (in his time) it would be very hard to receive the Holy Sacrifice.
Now is the time to pray, to look to god and to ask God to give us Grace. Its okay to be afraid though...we need to ask God to give us the Graces to help us overcome the fear when it does come, so we can be ready to be like the Apostles of old and say yes I believe in Jesus Christ and he is my Savoir.
Prepare yourselves now, pray and meditate look at the scriptures, keeping your relationship with God, talk to Him, don't watch the news about the Corona Virus, about the stocks, about this or that, as theres nothing we can do about it.  Now is the time to just  focus on God only and prepare our hearts for whats to come. Amen.