Pray Before the Tribulation Starts

By Miscellaneous Messages

November 20, 2020

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John Lawrence Mariani

Dear Readers
On Friday I received a message from Jesus. I was in my Chapel in front of the Blessed Sacriment and Jesus said to me, John I want you to do Novena's to the Saints because the time is coming when the Christian Faith is going to be put to the test here in the United States.
Tell my children to do Novena's to the Saints now, especially the one's that were Martyred. You may say that you will die for me now, but many of My childrens faith is about to be shaken. Because things are going to be so horrifying, it will be like nothing this country has seen before. 
Pray now before the Tribulation starts.  If you pray to the Saints now they will give you the strength to prepare you for whats to come.
The Government is using this virus to persecute the Church in the United States. This is only the beginning. In the coming months things will get much darker. Much is to come!  
Many of the things that I fortold to you when you were younger, you will see many of these things unfold. That is why I plead with you once more to pray and ask for the Intercession of the Saints to give you the strength.
And that was the Message.
My brothers and sisters I ask you to pray for your Priests and pray for your Bishops that they too, may have the Holy Boldness to stand up to Government officials.
Thank you my brothers and sisters.
I will write again soon...