Message from Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

June 08

I saw Mother, dressed in white; on her head was a white veil that went down to her shoulders; she had a blue sash going down from her right shoulder to her left side where it was knotted, her white dress went all the way down to her feet, on which was wearing very simple leather sandals; the sleeves of the dress were very wide, her open arms were outstretched and in her right hand was a long Rosary made of pearls. Around her head Mother had the crown of twelve stars.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"Dear little children, to see so many of you here this evening in my blessed woods fills my heart with joy, my heart that too many times is tormented by the fate of this world [that is] now in ruins.

My children, too often you allow yourselves to be carried away by the false beauties, the vanities of this world, neglecting what is really important.

My children, accept your cross and remember that, no matter how great it may seem to you, if you rely on the Lord, He will give you strength, and the strength and the grace to carry it with love and serenity.

My children, the Lord has done great things for you, for each one of you: immense is his love.

My children, draw near to the sacraments; the sacrament of Holy Confession reconciles you with the Lord and frees you from sin, Holy Communion nourishes your soul and strengthens you; prayer, children, helps you to face every difficulty in life and strengthens your spirit; the Holy Rosary, my little children, is a powerful weapon against evil.

My children, the Lord God the Father is a father of immense goodness and his mercy is infinite.

My children, do not let yourselves be deceived by the falsehood of this world; hold on to the things that are really important. Pray, my children, pray.

Now I give you my holy blessing.

Thank you for having hastened to me."