Message from Our Lady to Angela

By Our Lady of Zaro

March 08

This evening Mother was very sad; her face was streaked with tears. She was wearing a grey-bluish garment; the mantle enveloping her was of the same colour. Mother was barefoot and was resting her feet on the world; between her clasped hands was a long rosary that emanated light and reached almost all the way down to her feet. To her right was St Michael the Archangel and beside her Jesus on the Cross; he was bleeding and his wounds were open.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"Dear children, thank you for having responded again this evening to this call of mine. I love you my children, and tonight I ask you for prayer, prayer, prayer ...

Children, do not let the cenacles die, but nourish them with prayer and works."

At this point Mother said to me: "watch"

I began to see scenes of wars, violence, destruction of various sorts that followed one after the other.

"If all this happens it is because there is no love."

At this point, she said:

"Daughter, let us pray together by the sacred open and bleeding wounds of my Son Jesus. Let us pray so as to wipe the wounds with my and your prayer.

For each wound of my Son we will say an Our Father. By his pierced and torn side, you will place within it any intention which has been entrusted to you and everything that you carry in your heart, and together we will say three Our Fathers. By his crown of thorns, let us pray for priests and for the Church and say an Our Father in reparation for the Eucharistic insults and sacrileges that are being committed in the world. "

I prayed together with our Mother, and she told me: "Ah, if [only] the world loved me more."

Finally she blessed everyone individually. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.