Message of Our Lady to Angela

By Our Lady of Zaro

April 08

This evening Mother appeared all dressed in white; the mantle that enveloped her was also white, very delicate, and it also covered her head.

To the right of Mother was the Crucifix which at first was made of wood, but then became light.

Mother had bare feet resting on the world and her arms outstretched in a sign of welcome. In her hands was a very large white rosary of light.

May Jesus Christ be praised


"My dear children, thank you that this evening you are again here in my blessed woods to welcome me and respond to this call of mine.

Dearly beloved children, this evening I am again here through the immense love that the Father has for each one of you. I am here because I love you, and my greatest desire is to see you all saved.

Beloved children, this evening I again ask you to pray for my beloved Church, I ask you to pray that peace would reign. Yes, children, peace - not that which is read on treaties or signed by the powerful of this earth. I desire true peace for you and for the whole world.

My children, this world is increasingly gripped by hatred and pride, there are more and more men who want to take the place of God at all costs, imposing rules and laws only for their own benefit. God is a father and lets you do so, because he created you free, but this freedom is destroying you because it is being used in the wrong way. Unfortunately, progress does not always lead to the common good if used badly.

My children, pray, pray much for peace, ever more threatened; pray my children, do not think that others should do it, do not delegate it to your brothers but do it in person. The prayer of the holy rosary is good for everyone. Open your hearts to God, pause in silence before the Crucifix: it is there that God speaks to each one of you - he speaks to your hearts."

Mother then paused and asked me not to ask questions. She bowed her head and joined her hands in prayer. Then she said: "let us pray together".

After praying with her I saw Pope John Paul II: he was sitting on the chair as during his last Via Crucis. He was bent over himself with a suffering face, but he was enveloped in a great light. His gaze was fixed on the Crucifix ... he was adoring it. Mother began to talk again.

"Behold, daughter, remain like him and like so many others who love and have loved the cross, in silence. It is before the cross that the greatest graces are obtained, it is there that is understood the mystery of Christ, dead and risen for each one of you."

Then Mother passed among the pilgrims: she caressed some of them and put her hand on the heads of some others.

Finally she blessed everyone. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.