Message of Our Lady to Angela

By Our Lady of Zaro

November 26

This afternoon Mother appeared all dressed in white; the mantle enveloping her was also white, but as if made out of transparent veil. Mother's mantle also covered her head and on her head was a crown of twelve stars. On her chest Mother had a heart crowned with thorns, her arms open in a sign of welcome. In her right hand was a long Holy Rosary, white with light, and her feet were bare and placed on the world.

May Jesus Christ be praised

"Dear children, thank you that today you are again here to welcome me and to respond to this call of mine.

My children, today I am very sad and my heart is very sorrowful - yes children! Today I am sad because you, with your behavior, sadden my heart.

Children, many of you believe yourselves to be first, but it is not so: my Son became the last, my and your Jesus died on the cross for each of you. My Son came to serve, not to be served, and that is why today I ask you to be useless servants: I ask you to be humble and simple.

Dearly beloved children, my son Jesus made himself last for your salvation; he died on the cross and yet you choose the path that leads you to delusions of grandeur.

Children, I beg you not to exalt, but to lower yourselves. My Son died for you and I am here to help you, but if you do not open your hearts to me I cannot enter. I knock, but you have to welcome me and open your hearts of stone to me. I ask you to let your hearts beat with love for Jesus.

My children, today I am again here to ask you for prayer for my beloved Church and for the Vicar of Christ. I ask you to increase your prayers:  the Church is in grave danger, many are turning away from her to choose other paths.

My children, learn to pause every day in front of Jesus. He is alive and true in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Learn to hold the rosary in your hands and kneel before Jesus.

Pray the holy rosary every day and feed on Jesus; it is he who will give you strength in moments of discouragement and loss.

Pray so that you would not lose faith. Faith must be nourished with the sacraments and daily reading of the Holy Scriptures.

I love you children, I love you so much."

Then Mother blessed the priests present and finally all the pilgrims.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.