Message of Our Lady to Simona

By Our Lady of Zaro

December 8, 2019

I saw Mother; she was all shining with light: she was dressed in white, on her head was a delicate white veil and the crown of twelve stars, on her shoulders a blue mantle; her feet were bare and were placed on the world. Mother had her arms open in a sign of welcome and in her right hand a long Holy Rosary.


May Jesus Christ be praised


"My dear children, I thank you that you have come here to my blessed woods, on this day dear to me.

My children, this is a time of waiting, a time of grace, a time of change. Children, the Lord God awaits your change, he awaits your "yes". My children, do not delay further, say your "yes" now, say it strongly, with love and faith. My children, in this time of waiting the Lord awaits your return, he waits to be able to be born in your hearts, he waits to be able to be part of your life, he waits for a little sign to be able to enter in order to be part of your life, to fill it with every grace and blessing. My children, say your "yes", welcome my Jesus into your hearts, do not let him be born in a forgotten corner, but let him be born in your hearts; envelop him with your love, wrap him with your prayers. He was born for you and died for you, and he rose for you in order to be able to give you eternal life.

I love you my children, I love you.

Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me."