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By Sadie Jaramillo

February 24, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus: It has been very difficult getting this out to you, as I have had many obstacles "hit" me. I can relate to the many of you who are ill, in pain, and just finding it very difficult in these days of sufferings.

Lent gives us an opportunity to seek a deeper relationship with God, to pray and ask God to show us what is truly keeping us from coming closer to Him. Believe me, the Holy Spirit will show you whatever it is and then it will be up to you. For God does not force Himself on us. I try to pray daily, "Lord, I want to love you more today than I did yesterday. Show me what is keeping me from coming closer to you."

I had been ill, with a stubborn, lingering bronchitis that has not really gone away...and I have had family trials that have kept me from writing. But through it all I do not doubt that God is hearing me, and will answer me the cries of my heart and my prayers.

I know that many of you, my brothers and sisters, are suffering too. As we pray for one another, it is consoling to me and should be to you too, that intercessory prayer is very, very powerful. It is one of the most important parts of this pray for all of you that have requested prayer and/or people I have promised to pray for. Priests are especially dear to my heart as I spiritually adopt and pray for all those whom I have had the blessing to meet.

I had news from family members that made me feel like ol' red legs came from behind and karate chopped me at the back of the knees to make my fall! I went down, yes...but only for a moment. And then I rose again, still praising the Lord that He has trusted me with this trial, knowing that I will trust....I will trust his Divine Will and entrust myself to His Divine Providence.

You are all remembered in my prayers; rosaries; and Holy Communions. I am blessed to have so many of you praying for me, I am absolutely positive that is what lifted me, and has kept me going after all these years. May God bless all of you and may Mary most holy keep you in Her Immaculate Heart! With all my heart I thank you!

Some of the topics I have covered in past newsletters: irreverence in church, (talking in the church as if you are in a protestant gathering and or meeting hall) immodesty by women, (causing men to sin in their minds with lust. Perhaps they do not know that an immodest woman is as guilty of the sins she causes by dressing provocatively as the man/men who lust in their hearts after her) altar girls (should be altar boys, for it gives a young man, young boy the chance to see if they have a vocation); women priests, (never will be), invalid masses (change the words of the consecration and/or the matter, it is invalid); the roles of women in the church (God loves male and female the same...the roles are different); sacrileges (everything from finding hosts in the missalettes, on the floor, in the pews, to the performance around the altar, that is intended for the sacrifice of the Mass, not the dinner table of "your ok, I'm ok" (I have seen many "performances" that resemble nothing of the Mass); documentation on the homosexual agenda in the priesthood (because homosexual men were intentionally sent into the seminaries to cause scandal in the interior of the church by the communists and the freemasons, who HAVE risen to high places in the hierarchy ) the sins of homosexuality, abortion, adultery, shacking up, contraception (and the list goes on and on).......

I have shared, I have shouted, I have taken to task the sin committed by CATHOLICS, responsible for putting into office Barack HUSSEIN Obama, a Muslim, who is intent on bringing down this country. Shamefully and sadly that included priests and nuns....

Well we are nearing that time when many serious and chaotic events will quickly escalate....the collapse of our monetary system; the persecution of ALL Christians, the persecution of Catholic priests, the Warning, the Miracle, the 3 days of darkness, the mark of the beast, martial law, the appearance of the anti-christ.

WE are the apostles of the latter days and we have been called by the Blessed Virgin Mary, who will crush the head of the serpent in victory. But before the victory, we have to fight the battle, we have to suffer and this sinful world has to be purified in order for the Era of Peace to reign.

Pray and have faith, trust and LOVE......stay close to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus; stay close to Our Mother, the Queen of Heaven...use all that Holy Mother Church has given to us, especially the sacraments, frequent confession, receiving Jesus in the Eucharist as often as possible, the sacramentals of the Brown Scapular, the Rosary, Blessed salt, Exorcism blessed water.....St. Benedict medals over your windows and doors, and at the 4 corners of your property.

It should be clear now that we are in danger of having our country come under the yoke of communism, coupled with islamism, which are both vying for control of the world. If you think this is a crazy idea that will never come to pass....then you are not praying are not listening to the Holy Spirit, you are spiritually blind and deaf....and you will be the ones trembling with fear when these events hit us here at home. And hit us here they will......

Prophecy is being fulfilled daily and those who are praying, who do listen to the Holy Spirit and who have their spiritual eyes and ears open can see it. So do not let these times catch you unaware. There is no shortcut to holiness, the journey must be the same....Holy Mass, frequent confession, Holy Hours, praying the rosary, preferably in a group where there is infinite power in numbers, always being in a state of grace, knowing that in the next second, the whole world will change.

Do not fear! Have courage in the Lord, our protector! Take comfort in the promises made by Jesus and Mary for all of those who LIVE the messages given by Our Lady and Jesus in so many places. The call for true conversion of heart, repentance and a return to the love of God. Call on the Holy Angels and Saints to help you in the battle of all battles, for we WILL be victorious!



On February 9th, 2015, I began to "hear" in the interior of my heart, "Something big is coming"......over and over. I had been receiving these words over and over again the previous week. Leaving myself open for whatever might be given to me, I kept this in prayer.

As I was praising the Lord in song and prayers, Jesus began to give me the following short message. As I have done when I am about to receive a message, I rebuked and commanded it to go if it was not of God.

Jesus then answered me:

"Well done my mothers sorrowful rose. It has been a long time of silence for you."

"I am the Good Shepherd, and my sheep know my voice...I AM the Christ, who once came in the flesh, and will soon come again!"

"Something big is about to hit and it is an evil the world has seen before. Your own government, drunk with power, will be behind it."

"6, 6, and 6 more." "Remember when I gave that to you?" Although the time of the bloody persecution has been shortened, the sufferings will be intense.. I come to remind you again all that I have revealed, and to be assured that my mother and I will be with you."

"That which has been hidden will soon be revealed, but remember and remind all, I am a God of the hearts of all who have invited me in (their heart) I WHO AM will always be with you. Peace my sentinel...."

The message Jesus refers to is in The Great Sign, Vol. I (dated March 31, 1997): .......

"But so very soon all this will change. The black pope will soon be seated and reign with the one who opposes Me. From the time of the illumination of your souls to the time of the revelation of this man of perdition will be short). And he will reign 6 and 6 and 6 more. Of this be assured: The Queen of Mercy has obtained the shortening of his reign."

In this particular message the Lord referred to the scripture below:

Douay-Rheims Bible Matthew 24:22

"And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened."

Jesus has called me to REMIND people of his promise to be with us, to give warning to his people, and so I am/and have/ and will. Until I can no longer do so, which I feel is very close. What I received is nothing new....but there is a certain urgency about it.

Many events and the degree of sufferings HAVE been mitigated over the years, for if in 1965 at Garabandal,( Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel ) the Virgin Mary said the cup of the wrath of the Father was overflowing, what must it be today?

Not just myself, but many of you have also responded to the call of the Blessed Virgin Mary to become part of Her Army.....and so we suffer. We are all suffering in so many different ways. Martyrdom has been a reality for other parts of the world by the hands of radical Muslims for a long time. But it will become a reality for us here in the USA too. So we must continue to persevere in this good fight.....whether we see it in our lifetime, or we see it from the other side of the veil, the Triumph and the Victory will come.

So as one who is right there with you, let us continue to fight the good fight, to pray, to suffer, to be light in this world of darkness and to be the joy we receive from Jesus that gets us through our trials and that shines through us to others! God bless all of you! I am united in prayer with all of you.

Until next time, Love in the Two Hearts, Sadie


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