Pray for the Families & the Holy Innocents

By Valentina Papagna

December 27, 2020

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Pray for the Families

After the Mass, I went to pray a decade of the Holy Rosary. I went to the little Chapel of our Lady of Grace. Blessed Mother appeared looking very sad. She was dressed all in white.

I said, “Blessed Mother, you should be very happy. Today is the Feast of the Holy Family.”

She said, “Tell my children how sad I am. So many families in the world are no longer together as a family, that is why I am so upset. They are torn apart because they have forgotten to pray and forgotten to have God in the centre of their lives. They live in sin and no longer live as a Sacred Family.”

She said, “So much sin is in the world, and how much I suffer to see all of this. The devil is really dividing families in the world; dividing the children within the families.”

“Pray and encourage My children to pray to bring their families back together, and to come back to God, to the True Faith.”

Pray for the Holy Innocents

During the Holy Mass today, our Lord Jesus appeared. He said, “My daughter Valentina, today I want you to contemplate the aborted children, the Holy Innocents. I want you to pray for them, to think of how much I Am offended by the slaughtering of the little children through abortion.”

He said, “It wasn’t only during the time of Herod that they slaughtered the innocent children. Today, My innocent children are slaughtered in the most horrific way all over the world, and because they are innocent, they cannot help themselves. They cry, and they scream so loudly that their cries reach all the way to Heaven. I cry in Heaven for My little innocent children because they have no chance to live and grow. Such a crime is committed all over the world; a world which is now completely covered in darkness, and it will only get worse because people do not want to repent.”

As Father Chris was celebrating Holy Mass, and while our Lord was explaining to me about the Holy Innocents, suddenly, I could see many beautiful angelic babies floating around the Altar, high up, but not too high. They were all dressed in white and oh so beautiful as I gazed upon them. Some of the babies had blonde hair, some brown.

Our Lord said, “These are all the aborted babies.”

I offered them to our Lord in atonement for the sins committed by the parents and the doctors. Our Lord still wishes that I offer them all to Him so that they are all with Him in Heaven.

Our Lord then continued to talk to me about the state of the world. He said, “You will experience many changes in the world, that will both shock you and surprise you, and you will be controlled by evil more and more. Even the churches will change, you will see. They will be affected very much. You will not be as free as you are now. Even now you are not free, but still, you can go to church. Soon, this will all go.”

“The Coronavirus is sweeping throughout the world, and it is changing its course and going around and around, and each time it goes around, it becomes a more powerful and deadly virus.”

“People think that the New Year will bring good things to the world. It will not get better but will get much worse. How much I beg you, and I wish for people to change and come back to Me. I Am the only One Who can save you and protect you from all this evil. Be strong and be united with Me,” He said.

I said, “Lord, I am going to call on You and scream so loudly that You will hear me from Heaven.”

Lord Jesus responded, “Valentina My child I don’t want you to panic. I want you to give courage and hope to people and for them not to fear. My Reign is ever so close. You must go through this suffering which is prophesied.”

As I was writing this message, I could see a flash of blue and golden light appear above the writing. The Holy Spirit was present to enlighten us and help us write the True Word of God.