Three New Visions

By Anne, a lay apostle

September 4 and September 5, 2023

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Three New Visions

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September 4, 2023 

Today I saw a vision during my Holy Hour. The Lord’s voice explained it throughout. I saw a great army gathering for a negative purpose. They had amassed considerable wealth and arms. The spirit amongst them was that of rapacity. There would be no sense reasoning with the leadership of this group. I could hear the preparations and last-minute strategy decisions as they occurred. The leadership views themselves as historical figures. But they are simply rebels for a poorly discerned cause, inflated to the degree that they curry constant admiration and reinforcement of a plan they tell themselves is noble. They are people who work against order and growth, who take from a living organism to feed their self-interests.

I saw their target, the Catholic Church and its rightful leadership. It seemed to me that this leadership had its back to this group, understandably, but perhaps underestimating the damage and havoc that could be wreaked by this rebellion. Temporary chaos could be the result of this ugly and aggressive effort. As such, I saw the enemy with the potential to push past the rightful leadership in a wave which could create turncoats within the very core structure of our faith. Individuals will turn because it will suit them personally. Woe to their futures. Woe to the impact on their souls. Arrogance is the calling card of this dark group and when one is visited by this brand of arrogance, one tends to know because there is left behind a veiled threat, unspoken, offered with a smile. ‘You will be left behind’ the dark spirit whispers, ‘because we are the new, true power.’

After a time of battle, the aggressors will push into the Church but after the initial surge, they will be met by a wall, impossible to overcome. The wall will hold despite initial damage inflicted on its surface. The righteous ones hold a flag up high…a white flag with an elegant golden cross and a crown above the cross. This holy group, standing alongside the rightful leadership will repel the onslaught and the King, Jesus Christ, will prevail against the attack. This inner wall of people will push out past the disobedient ones, neutralising their poisonous effects on others as they move through them. In a blink I saw this group of righteous ones moving out past the rebels and beyond them again, into the world and into the world further. This group is assembled for the true war against the spirit of the world. “For it is not against human enemies that we have to struggle, but against the principalities and the ruling forces who are masters of the darkness in this world, the spirits of evil in the heavens” (Ephesians 6:12).  

The vision stopped as I saw this righteous group, with their standard held erect and seen above the peoples, wading further and further into the world with courage and led by a Spirit equally invisible as the evil spirit that had seduced so much of humanity. This then, is the true battle for which God’s followers must prepare. The first is a faux battle, full of human drama and intrigues so characteristic of man’s egoic search for his own personal relevance. The true servant recognizes that he is not the most important piece of any struggle, but a part of the Master’s force. Humility, true humility, characterizes the true servants who will wage this true battle, which will of course be a longer, more painful one. 

The righteous ones will be prepared through their constant desire to know Christ and think as Christ thinks. This search for the King’s desires will consistently distinguish the rebels from the faithful ones.


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September 5, 2023

Today I saw the rebellious group preparing to wage the battle against the Church. I saw their front line. The man leading the charge, as it were, struck me as in some way peculiar. Then I realised that this front man was neither the true instigator, nor the intended ultimate leader. The ultimate leader is behind him, concealed and seemingly quiet but holding court in his own way. His power hypnotizes. That is the word I use because it seems that when he talks to people he casts a spell. Many leave his presence and shake it off, resolving to remain away from him based on the way he persuades them into beliefs they do not hold. But others, through the open windows of pride and the craving for the sensational, are not as resistant to this very real temptation of pride and spiritual avarice.

Anyway, the true instigator will keep back at the initial surge, waiting to be ‘nominated’ as it were. The idea is that he will play the reluctant, but most worthy and qualified leader, exhibiting the stench of false humility, a covert narcissist, some might say.

This rebellious group, collectively, labors under the illusion that they will be supported by the universal Church. What they do not understand is that the Holy Spirit is busy, working away with those who entertain him daily and preparing his own soil. The direction the rebellious group espouses, one of establishing higher walls and stronger defences between God and his children, is not the direction that the Holy Spirit draws his Church forward into. This delusion of righteousness is a dangerous one, indeed, both for the individual and for our Church because it will bring confusion to some. Should people know better than to follow a rebellious group? Yes, but just as Jesus prepares soil ever so carefully, the enemy, too, sows seeds of discontent against rightful authority. These weeds must be pulled quickly, lest they establish a hedge that one cannot see over to view God’s true, humble plan.

The Church has never stood still in any time and it does not stand still now. The fact that we are often confounded by the mystery of the future is no reason to avoid it, nor fail to prepare for it.

I saw the man, the true instigator, walking in Rome following a Spirit-filled event at St. Peter’s where crowds filled the square and spilled out into the byways. This man felt darkness and fury, and it must be said, grief and disappointment; the man who was celebrated, the Holy Father, was in this man’s opinion unworthy. This is an understatement. Envy took root and this man began to envision himself in the Holy Father’s position. How much worthier he would be, the dark spirit whispered. How much more suitable he was to the role. The spirit then sneered at the anointed one, the Pope. And so it went and so it goes. The streets were cobbled where the revulsion and rage boiled over and this man actually spit on the cobblestones in the darkness in response. But he could not rid himself of the taste of rebellion. This was the moment of acquiescence. We must pray for him. The dark, perfect storm knew when to pounce and the man lost the detachment of a servant. This man can reacquire the detachment of a servant through a simple decision to serve.

Truly, we project mortal sin out onto the most innocent people and ignore it when it hides in the open and stands looking at us.


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September 5, 2023

After this, as time moved on, this man, the true instigator, began to make subtle war against the Holy Father. If the Holy Spirit was a holy fire going out from the Pope, I saw a negative whispering campaign starting back fires, which are a good thing if you are fighting a forest fire but a very dark thing if you are working against the Spirit of God emanating from the Holy Father. It seemed to me that the enemy got there before the Pope, as it were, wherever the Holy Father went. The Holy Father expected to be received in love many times, but met subtle sneers and knew those whom he visited had been visited first. His suffering and hurt knew no limits at this constant damaging, but nearly invisible war against him personally. I saw the Vatican structure and I saw this envious man visiting and visiting, and in some of the places he visited, the back fire was lit, confounding the efforts of the Holy Father. Press leaks, slants of suspicion and derision, misquotes, fabricated quotes—these were dropped into the press to continue the general discreditation.

I asked the Lord to show me the spirit of this jealous man at this time because he clearly had to know he was working against Jesus Christ. Jesus allowed me to see that his personal hatred, from envy, created a mind blindness within which this man chose to ignore his conscience and the obvious signs and signals it offered him. But this man created a systematic campaign designed to unseat the Vicar in a manner that could only be done in this period where media both creates and feeds an insatiable appetite for the sensational over truly relevant events. People fatigue easily from real life when sensational distraction is easier and numbs us to our duty. I saw the Holy Father, again and again, shaking off the distraction of this hatred directed at him and reacquiring his equilibrium.

This suffering was horrid for the Holy Father.

Next I saw an accusation against the Holy Father that had been savored and saved by the renegades. This may be what they will advance with when their time comes. Most of humanity can be primarily innocent in life, but nearly all of humanity has their mistake or mistakes that they remember as painful learning moments. Priests are no different, of course, lest we forget that they are human beings. That stated, the accusation against our Church leader will almost certainly be a fabricated one, or predominantly fabricated, embellished to absurdity with false testimony which, when placed into a disturbed mind for profit is easily weaponized. Whether the accusation or allegation is true or false is completely irrelevant. We know that all people make mistakes and we must assume that every person we know has their past mistakes.

The mistakes in a person’s past provide understanding about the confusing moments that can come with being a human being. This is how charity develops in those who seek righteousness. Anyone who has been systematically distorted will understand what has happened and what will happen. Let those who have also suffered in this way spring to arms when this occurs. I asked the Lord if the Holy Father could be spared. The image I saw immediately was Jesus on the cross. Let it be so and let those alive and serving, serve with distinction at this time, lest they have grave regrets later.