Printable Pamphlets

For what to do AFTER the Warning

Are you prepared for after the Illumination occurs?  Do you know what you are going to say to your friends?  Your family?  What about those who will undoubtedly be in the LONG lines stretching outside the church doors waiting to get to confession?  This question has been weighing on my heart the past few months.  If you are like me, we know about the Illumination and we have a vague idea as to what is coming afterward.  But articulating all our knowledge into a short conversation within a span of a few minutes to as many people as possible without babbling all we know in a single breath is daunting!

Then a Moment of Inspiration!!

The Lord touched John Martinez and I to create a simple pamphlet that can be printed in advance and shared with the masses after the Warning arrives. 

This is where you come in.

Although we created a simple pamphlet for you to download, it is up to you to have them ready when the Illumination comes.  This document is designed as a two-sided, single-page pamphlet that can be folded for easy distribution.  Simply download the pdf and print. 

*If your printer does not print double-sided, simply print page 1
and then reinsert the pages and print page 2 on the back side.

Downloadable PDFs



Want to help?
Translations are needed.

If you know another language and want to translate this pamphlet, we will host it. 

—Download Source Files—

Feel free to edit whatever you need, but all text MUST FIT within the 2-page layout. 
*Requires that you have a program that can edit PowerPoint files.


When finished simply export it as a pdf and upload it below.



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