Devotion to the Holy Face



The Holy Face 
A Message on Averting Calamities

[And Devotional Prayers]

By Michael Brown -

Is Africa the new hotspot for apparitions?

Many know about Kibeho in Rwanda, where the Blessed Mother appeared in apparitions that have Church sanction.

But there are others. In August of 2010, a church dedicated to St. Paul in Nigeria "turned into a mecca of sorts as people from all walks of life thronged the church to catch a glimpse of what has been literally described as an apparition of Jesus Christ," reported The Nigerian Observer. "The uncommon but holy phenomenon according to Catholic faithful and enthusiasts present at the church premises, came up early Wednesday morning immediately after the offering of Adoration at the church. It has however generated so much frenzy amongst catholic faithful and non-Catholics who jostled through the ever-busy Airport Road in the state capital to witness the rare spiritual occurrence. Similarly, the spiritual significance of the 'apparition of Christ' at the St. Paul’s Catholic Church was further described to connote the signs of the end of time by Prince Ken Ebosele, a committed Catholic faithful who was present at the church to catch a glimpse of the 'apparition.' Prince Ebosele revealed that it was a reassurance of the fact that the salvation in Christ which Christians profess was not in vain, adding that the appearance of Christ was a manifestation of the presence of Christ in our lives. Others who pleaded anonymity disclosed that the 'apparition of Christ' at this critical period of human’s sinful existence was clear indication that no matter how neck-deep we are involved in sin, the Almighty God has special interest in the salvation of human beings."


Meanwhile, to go back a bit in time, to the mid-1990s, phenomena involving bleeding images or statues began along Africa's west coast in Benin. On April 1, 1997, a statue in the community of the Franciscan Sisters in Gebegamey wept tears of blood. Vincent Metonnou, a journalist for the weekly Le Forum, wondered why there are now so many similar "signs of sorrow" appearing all over the world: "Has the world lost the way?" he asked, concluding that the Son of Man is probably saddened by mankind's "villainy" (in the words of the newspaper).

On April 20, 2011, a bizarre video of an alleged sun miracle showed what looked like the Virgin Mary in the posture of the Miraculous Medal in light that blasted over the trees, causing loud cries from onlookers, who videoed it with cell cameras. That was in Abidjan in Africa's Ivory Coast. Many claimed it was a hoax. Others were not quite sure. (Sun phenomena do occur -- but the figure? It seemed superimposed.)

Does one have to be careful with such phenomena? Beyond a doubt. In Benin, voodoo remains the state religion. Elsewhere, there is pagan-style "animism" (spirits in objects and plants) and worship of the deceased. In the early 1990s, a nun in Kenya claimed phenomena at three a.m. that included eerie photographs of Jesus with glowing red eyes. The apparition was promoted by a former archbishop who subsequently was removed to Rome and then excommunicated when he disobeyed the Vatican, which sought to sequester him after he was married in a ceremony officiated by Reverend Sun Myung Moon. He had become famous in Rome for large and controversial "healing" and "exorcism" events. Caution -- initially, great wariness -- is thus always in order. That there can be deception is a given. Also in Africa, a cult based on a Catholic "seer" became a death cult; many committed suicided as they waited for the end of the world.

But there are also legitimate phenomena in our times and Africa is special -- producing vocations that aid the world -- and we are interested in what was claimed to be a message, again from Benin, in 1995, where it was said a replica of the Holy Face began to shed blood that was later analyzed as type AB, RH positive and where -- allegedly, but powerfully -- the Eternal Father said in "locution":

"My children! In the horrible time that will come over the human race, the Holy Face will be very helpful (a real cloth to dry the tears); because My real children will hide behind It. The Holy Face will be a real blessing, so that the punishment that I will send over the human race will be lessened. In the home where it is exhibited will be light in order to be freed from the power of darkness. In the homes where the Holy Face of My Son is located, I will order My angels to mark them, and My children will be spared from the evils that will come over ungrateful humanity. My children become real apostles of the Holy Face and spread it all over. The more it is spread the less will be the catastrophe."

Here it was also claimed that the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus said:


"Always offer up My Most Holy Face to the Heavenly Father so that He will have mercy on you. I ask all of you that you honor My Divine Countenance and that you will give it a place of honor in your homes, so that the Heavenly Father will grace you abundantly and forgive you your sins. My dear children make sure to say every day in your homes a short prayer to the countenance of Jesus.

"Don't forget to greet it when you get up in the morning and ask His blessings when you lay down to sleep, so you will be arriving happily in the heavenly homeland. I assure you that all who have a special love for the Holy Face will be warned of dangers and catastrophes. I solemnly promise whoever distributes the devotion of My Holy Countenance will be spared of the punishments that will come over the human race. In addition, they will receive light for the days of horrible confusion that are coming towards the holy Church. Should they suffer death during the punishments, they will die as martyrs and receive holiness.

"Truly, truly, I say to you, those who spread the devotion to My Holy Face will receive the grace that no family member will be condemned and that those who are in purgatory will soon be released. But all have come to Me through the intercession of My Most Holy Mother. All the worshippers of the Divine Countenance will receive a great light to understand the mysteries of the end times and they will be very close to the Savior. All these graces they will receive as worshippers of the Holy Face. Don't lose these blessings! For it is also easy to lose them."

And so we discern. Due to this alleged revelation, we are providing a little booklet [see below] with such a devotion. It is certainly interesting, that in this time when natural disasters and strange weather extremes occur, we are granted a special means of mitigating future events, a means tied to the Most Sacred Face in all of history.

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From Michael Brown's article:


The Holy Face of Jesus from the image of Veronica's veil
(The veil is kept in St. Peters Basilica, Rome.)

as requested by Our Lord Jesus Christ

These prayers are to be said on Sundays and the Holy Days of Obligation, publicly (if possible), and preferably before the Blessed Sacrament or before the picture of the Holy Face.

Dear Lord, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, I (we) offer You these prayers in reparation for the sins which offend God the most in these modern times--the sins of BLASPHEMY and the PROFANATION OF SUNDAY and Your Holy Days of Obligation:

One Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be To The Father

dictated by Our Lord to Sister Mary of St. Peter

May the most holy, most sacred, most adorable, most incomprehensible and unutterable Name of God be always praised, blessed, loved, adored and glorified, in Heaven, on earth, and under the earth, by all the creatures of God, and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.

After receiving this prayer, Sister Mary of St. Peter was given a vision in which she saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus delightfully wounded by this "Golden Arrow", as torrents of graces streamed from It far the conversion of sinners.


I salute Thee, I adore Thee and I love Thee, O adorable Face of Jesus, my Beloved, noble Seal of the Divinity! Outraged anew by blasphemers. I offer Thee, through the heart of Thy blessed Mother, the worship of all the Angels and Saints, most humbly beseeching Thee to repair and renew in me and in all men Thy Image disfigured by sin.

  • O adorable Face which was adored, with profound respect, by Mary and Joseph when they saw Thee for the first time, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which did ravish with joy, in the stable of Bethlehem, the Angels, the shepherds and the magi, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which did transpierce with a dart of love in the Temple, the saintly old man Simeon and the prophetess Anna, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which filled with admiration the Doctors of the law when Thou didst appear in the Temple at the age of twelve years, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which possesses beauty always ancient and always new, have mercy...
  • O adorable Face which is the masterpiece of the Holy Ghost, in which the Eternal Father is well pleased, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which is the ineffable mirror of the divine perfection, have mercy on us.

Adorable Face of Jesus which was so mercifully bowed down on the Cross, on the day of Thy Passion, for the salvation of the world! Once more today in pity bend down towards us poor sinners. Cast upon us a glance of compassion and give us Thy peace.

  • O adorable Face which became brilliant like the sun and radiant with glory, on the Mountain of Tabor, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which wept and was troubled at the tomb of Lazarus, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which was rendered sad at the sight of Jerusalem, and shed tears on that ungrateful city, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which was bowed down to the ground in the Garden of Olives, and covered with confusion for our sins, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which was covered with the sweat of blood, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which was struck by a vile servant, covered with a veil of shame, and profaned by the sacrilegious hands of Thy enemies, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which by Its divine glance, wounded the heart of St. Peter with a dart of sorrow and love, have mercy on us.

Be merciful to us, O my God! Do not reject our prayers, when in the midst of our afflictions, we call upon Thy Holy Name and seek with love and confidence Thy adorable Face.

  • O adorable Face which was washed and anointed by Mary and the holy women and covered with a shroud, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which was all resplendent with glory and beauty on the day of the Resurrection, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which is hidden in the Eucharist, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which will appear at the end of time in the clouds with great power and great majesty, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which will make sinners tremble, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which will fill the just with joy for all eternity, have mercy on us.
  • O adorable Face which merits all our reverence, our homage and our adoration, have mercy on us.
  • O Lord, show us Thy Face, and we shall be saved!
  • O Lord, show us Thy Face, and we shall be saved!
  • O Lord, show us Thy Face, and we shall be saved!



Almighty and Eternal Father, since it has pleased Our Divine Savior to reveal to mankind in modern times the power residing in His Holy Face, we now avail ourselves of this Treasure in our great need. Since our Savior Himself promised that by offering to You His Holy Face disfigured in the Passion we can procure the settlement of all the affairs of our household, and that nothing whatsoever will be refused to us, we now come before Your throne.

Eternal Father, turn away Your angry gaze from our guilty people whose face has become unsightly in Your eyes. Look instead upon the Face of Your Beloved Son; for this is the Face of Him in whom You are well pleased. We now offer You His Holy Face covered with blood, sweat, dust, spittle and shame, in reparation for the worst crimes of our age, which are atheism, blasphemy, and the desecration of Your holy days. We thus hope to appease Your anger justly provoked against us. The All-Merciful Advocate opens His mouth to plead our cause; listen to His cries, behold His tears, O God, and through the merits of His Holy Face hearken to Him when He intercedes for us poor miserable sinners.


The Chaplet of Reparation was given by Our Lord to Sr. Mary of St. Peter to battle against the enemies of God, especially communists. Using this chaplet, additional prayers may be recited to make further reparation to Our Lord. See below to request a FREE Blessed Chaplet for use with these extra devotional prayers.

On the Crucifix say: Eternal Father I offer You the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ and all the other instruments of His Holy Passion, that You may put division in the camp of Your enemies; for as Your Beloved Son has said, "A kingdom divided against itself shall fall."

On the next five beads say:

  1. May God arise and let His enemies be scattered and let those who hate Him flee before His Face!
  2. May the thrice Holy Name of God overthrow all their plans!
  3. May the Holy Name of the Living God split them up by disagreements!
  4. May the terrible Name of the God of Eternity stamp out all their godlessness!
  5. Lord, I do not desire the death of the sinner, but that he be converted and live. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

On the medal say: the "Golden Arrow" prayer.

On the thirty three white beads say: Arise, O Lord, and let Your enemies be scattered, and let those that hate You flee before Your Face.

On each of the six large beads say: My Jesus, mercy” and one “Glory Be..”

On the medal at the end say: the ejaculation: ETERNAL FATHER, I offer You the Holy Face of Jesus, covered with blood, sweat, dust and spittle, in reparation for the crimes of communists, blasphemers, and for the profaners of the Holy Name and of the Holy Day of Sunday. (This ejaculation is also recommended to be recited frequently throughout the day).

The following prayer is also recommended after the above -- "O Mary, conceived without sin Patroness of the United States of America, pray for us who have recourse to thee."

To receive a FREE Blessed Chaplet that can be used with the extra devotional prayers above, go to the Extra Prayers page and at the bottom of the page will be instructions on receiving a chaplet.