Deliverance of the Mind

[resources: Physical Healing and Deliverance and The God of Healing]

Place your hands on your head and say:

“As I lay my hands on my head, I ask You, Jesus, to lay Your Hand on my head. Heal what needs to be healed, and drive away all spirits of infirmity in the brain, including memory loss, Alzheimer’s, confusion, cancer, degeneration of brain cells, spirits that came through trauma from blows to the head, and drug use. We rebuke anything that would slow brain function or degrade memory, in Jesus’s mighty Name.

“We also rebuke any storms raging in our minds, from psychosis, phobias, paranoia, mental torment, frustration, suicide, procrastination, anxiety, depression, despondency, hopelessness, worry: we command all those storms to be still! In Jesus’s Name. Perfectionism, and stress born out of the bondage, to fear of others, we end your reign of terror now in Jesus’s mighty Name.

“We command the enemy to leave our minds, and to stop messing with our brain chemistry. Our heads and thought lives are holy ground! Through the mighty presence of Your Holy Spirit, I ask You Lord to flood my brain with Your light and glory and shine in all the dark places that have been touched by the enemy of Jesus. I ask You to replace all demonic clouds, or fogs, or confusion, with the overwhelming, brilliantly-lit cloud of glory from Your Throne in Heaven. No defilement can stand in Your Presence! I choose to renew my mind on a daily basis in Your Word, and to pull down strongholds of the enemy in my thought life. I fall out of agreement with all lies sent by the enemy.”