Five New Locutions

By Anne, a lay apostle

October 31, 2023

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Direction for our Times

First Locution

October 31, 2023


In the fullness of time, there will be many events. Each event shapes mankind in some way. When events occur that cause suffering and instability, the benevolent God acts as teacher and Rabbi. I lead, even in the darkest times. Great realizations can come to those who study the effects of disharmony on mankind and on the world. If there is a risk to one’s life in a given moment, one is distracted from contemplation of Heaven’s hope for peace. People simply must negotiate the emotions that arise upon contemplation of death. The spirit of our enemy seeks to show me how quickly mankind descends into disorder. Those who do not know me move freely with the winds of destruction, thinking only of their personal safety and affairs. This is normal. However, followers of the Word think of their personal safety and affairs, then move their thoughts to the safety of my plans. 

How can we insulate the plans of God for this world and its people? That is the question my followers ask. 

When a person looks toward me with trust, in any circumstances, that person finds their trust and subsequently peace. What is also important to me is that when a person looks toward me with trust, they become calm enough to find the instruction I wish to impart to them. This is a problem during times of upheaval. People falsely believe that I no longer need them to move forward. They become distracted. During times of instability, it is most crucial that my followers continue to follow me. Truly, following God then becomes even more exquisitely important. Hear my voice in your soul. What am I hoping you will do? Please. Do that thing. Hold yourself steady in my love. Hold tightly to the trust I have given you over the past moments of suffering in your life. Those who have allowed me to prove myself to them will not falter. 

Have I tried to prove myself to you? We both know that I have tried, many times. Therefore, let your heart be light, even though you suffer for the sufferings of others. I am directing my friends most carefully and you will not miss a step if you focus intently on your trust in me and the instructions I place in your soul for these times. While some structures break down, a new structure is coming into being. This is a structure of divine love which holds humanity in the resonance of love. You will recognize those who begin the work on this way of being because they will trust me. They will be calm. They will defer to me for the total truth with the most humble understanding that while the perfect answers do exist, these answers can only come from God. Seek answers with me and then offer quiet consolation to those who ask for your thoughts. 


Second Locution

October 31, 2023


There are many ways to serve me and many paths to choose from. Within those paths, each person can choose to serve or to reject service. Therefore, the fact that your vocation is fixed – that you have discerned, decided, and embarked upon a vocation – does not mean that you are serving properly within it. We both know this is true. Do not think you can escape my gaze simply because you escape the human gaze of those around you. I know the perfect answers for the world, yes, and I know the truth about the commitment of your heart to your vocation. Why do I begin talking about the times and focus so quickly on what you are doing in your vocation? Because the times are a direct result of the strength of each person’s commitment to God. In our particular faith life, we express our commitment from within our vocations. Does your thinking reflect commitment to me in your vocation? Do your thoughts and actions? If so, there is no great need to pretend to others or to yourself. Your vocation is intended to be lived for me and for others. If you are wrapped up in yourself, though, absorbed mostly by your own experience of your days, then you may need to rethink your commitment. Others should feel the light that comes from me into and through your vocation.

“We are afraid,” my children say. I understand. But what is the greatest fear for a follower of God? The greatest fear is that you become distracted and fail to give your whole heart to the vocation you chose and the work that I chose for you within it. Are you practicing virtue and growing ever more committed to virtue? Or are you lukewarm and experiencing difficulty? Difficulty is expected, and when people are able to admit they are experiencing moments of failure and take full responsibility for those failures, there is great hope. But where no responsibility is taken, where others are blamed and responsibility avoided, where arrogance replaces humility, I am not called upon except in a surface way. Please check now for total commitment to your vocation, in truth and humility. For my plan to be effective, it must include your true, authentic self, given with your whole heart. 


Third Locution

 October 31, 2023


Can you see the difference between those who pray and legitimately understand themselves in my light, and those who do not? Can you feel the difference between honest conversation with another who truly serves me and those who only pretend to serve me? If you can, then you know you are often challenged in conversations with people who serve me. There will be moments when you feel benefited, even though the experience may also make you feel humbled. Have you ever spoken to another and realized with surprise that there existed for you an unexplored area to be walked with regard to virtue? These moments are special gifts from me. All of Heaven helps to fashion these gifts of grace and illumination. How do you respond to them? If you present yourself to me in prayer authentically, you will feel humbled, but you will begin immediately to advance into the acquisition of the virtue required for your further development. The answers are in your heart, which must be deeply within my heart. Is your heart buried in mine? Do you wish your heart to become more deeply buried in my heart? My beloved friend, you will still suffer when this occurs because within my heart one encounters my cross. I suffer. But you can come to understand the source of your suffering better, and this is a gift. 

For example, it is always a difficult thing for a person to understand the difference between my perfection and their imperfection. There is no barrier to our relationship because of the imperfection of humanity or because of your imperfection. But one has to accept one’s imperfection, acknowledge it, and feel it. When a person does this, that individual becomes quieter and quieter in their being. Their mind begins to spend more time in my mind, simultaneously gaining wisdom and understanding mystery. The people who understand mystery are those who can rest in it without fear. Why can some rest in mystery without fear? Because they have come to understand and engage with the greatest mystery of all, my presence in their moments of time. At this time I want you to trust that I am with you and that I am helping you. The plan for your holiness lies on a path in front of you each day. Be one who prays with authenticity, so that others can be quietly edified through conversation or even silent contact with you. 


Fourth Locution

October 31, 2023


I intend to continue to offer my presence to all during the times to come. None will be left without my direction, should they seek it. For those of you who have followed me for some time and know my voice, there will be peace and order in your days, regardless of anything happening around you. For those of you who have not followed me for some time, I present a question. Would you like to follow me more closely? I am here for you. I want a delightfully private relationship with you that blesses you and all those around you. When you come to a moment in which you require my help, you will simply remember that my help is available. My direction is waiting for you to claim, like an unopened letter from a friend. My followers who know me from their authentic selves open these ‘letters’ throughout every day. They have become accustomed to my voice and recognize it where and when they hear it. You will become like them if you become my follower. 

There is one stipulation. 

You must try very hard to be yourself with me. I possess infinite patience. It is never too late for a person to come to me for holiness and become saintly. I can grant this in an instant. But you must hold it to your heart and use the holiness I give to you. You cannot think that holiness is merely a nice feeling. Holiness creates an obligation to live differently than you lived yesterday. This is true for the one who has always followed me and the one who has begun to follow me for the first time today. The very same obligation exists. In this way, the race is always even and it is always run against yourself. Yesterday’s virtues are claimed or unclaimed, but yesterday has passed. Today’s virtues remain an aching hope in my heart for peace in the world. Is there peace in your world? Do you bring peace to those around you? Or do you bring anguish and upset? Do you begin to understand what I say? You are each called to bring peace. When peace fails and war ensues, love must prevail. Pour love into the world. Everywhere you go, bring love. Communicate love through your tone, your voice, your actions. Bring loving trust to all around you. We, you and I, cannot choose peace for others. Peace must be chosen by individuals who know me and then it can come into the world more permanently. Become part of that process for me. Be yourself with me. If you begin to do so, I can place you deeply within my heart and together we will help to create the peace that both Heaven and Earth crave. 


Fifth Locution

 October 31, 2023

God, the Father

When peace evaporates, fear can come into the world in a way that causes people to forget that I am God. As God, I can act according to my own desires in all circumstances, which I only do for the good of mankind. People who remember this truth about me experience less fear, of course, and tend to search for my expression within events as they occur. Where am I expressing myself? How? Do you see it, even within chaotic circumstances? Because I am there, represented by those who love me. Am I a raging God who flings humanity away from me? Has humanity been left unprepared? Or do I try, through every single one of my followers, to draw others close to me? 

Children, look for that which you have in common with the people around you, and then draw them to me through your love and through your understanding of the reality of mystery. When people demand certainty from you, I ask you to admit that you cannot possibly possess what is God’s to hold. When they demand to know what will happen in future events, ask them to come to me. One thing that will happen is that they will encounter me personally one day. Of that they can be certain. I want that day to be today, not another day in the future. Who is representing me? The people representing me are trying to draw all people toward me. Who is not representing me? The people who do not and will not represent me offer me to others as though I command perfection from human beings. Humanity can only live the brokenness of imperfection. I command you to love one another as I love you, in your brokenness. That is the Gospel message of love. If you can keep this commandment, you are my friend. If you are my friend, please, come closer to me with the confidence of the true child who expects and receives only love and instruction.

Do you have a desire for certainty? Do you want to know exactly what will happen in your time on Earth? I will never give that information to those who seek it for the wrong purposes. If you seek information for the wrong purposes, you will be led first here, then there, and ultimately nowhere by an entity whose greatest desire is to see you afraid and confounded. Many people are now afraid and confounded. The enemy draws them into greater and greater vortexes of chaos, in their thoughts and relationships. You will always be distracted if you follow the enemy. You will always find peace if you follow me authentically. Please. Bring me to others from your true self, which includes brokenness and imperfection. Others will come to me because of your authenticity and we will continue together to create a counter-assault of love which heals. Together, we will create the precise edifice of love that represents me most accurately in a world experiencing darkness and grief.  

In all of it, remember that I can and do act supernaturally in moments. I do so to remind humanity that I am God and that ultimate power rests with me. Watch for me quietly, in trust and peace.