Two New Locutions

By Anne, a lay apostle

November 4 and November 16, 2023

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Direction for our Times

November 4, 2023

Anne, I want my people to know that I have already forgiven them. I forgave them on the cross. Human judgements of guilt or innocence against each other must stop. Assume there will be some guilt in all people. Also assume that this guilt is intensely mitigated by me through my unique and perfect knowledge. Anne, I have freedom. Nobody can force me to condemn people based on human teachings when those teachings lack my mercy. You must all stop attempting to pass judgement on others. Think of sin as a direct offense against one’s own dignity, then against the dignity of others, and ultimately against my plan for people and the world around them. Rarely does a person intend to hurt themselves or another. Very rarely does a person commit a negative action with a direct intent to hurt me. Those direct actions against me, either by attempting to harm another’s faith in me or intending to harm the Truth about me, are where one can look for that most serious of sins, blasphemy, which is really just a bold lie. Most of what is called mortal sin can be expected within the distress of humanity, particularly in these times of poison. My children are being poisoned from various foods, contaminated water, and even, at times, through the very air they must breathe. Virtue becomes harder to pursue when my children are ill. But I have the solutions. I have the antidotes. I have the answers. People must trust me and my plan. In all things, trust.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered so that a person who regrets their sin can receive specific healing graces and thus become reconciled to their actions, which I have forgiven. My forgiveness is not conditional. My relationship with the Father’s children is not transactional. I love each person because I am love. I find each person lovable, even when they suffer the greatest distress. I should not be presented as a divine presence who comes and goes, depending on a person’s struggles, but as an emissary of the Father, who is unburdened by the pains of the human condition, yet remains exquisitely familiar with those pains. I love truly, without limit. I want to be presented more accurately. 


What is mercy if it is contingent on someone’s actions? It is not merciful to demand payment for forgiveness. I forgave all on the cross. Mercy cannot be purchased. But mercy can be increased in force when someone asks for it for themselves or another. It can be made more manifestly apparent to someone based on the request of loved ones. This response to prayer reflects my gratitude to those who follow my way. My followers do not always understand the practical plan for my mercy toward another, but my mercy is there for their loved ones. Trust me in all things, great and small. In this way, I can do more for humanity.


November 16, 2023

I have a plan for renewal. I have a hope. There are many people who will help me and who wish to serve me as you serve me. It will be your assignment to share this news with them, the Good News, which adapts in every moment for the children within those moments. Nobody can know truly what nuance is necessary for a person whom they have never met. But when we stand before another person, we can look into their eyes, observe their sufferings and their environment, and only then discern how we shall share the Good News with them. It must be a personal message, delivered by a person who is interested in adapting the Good News so that it finds a home in the soul of another. This is the reason why the preaching of so many goes unheeded. The message is not delivered with reverence about the experience of the other.

I spoke to each person as though they were the only recipient of my message. I adapted it for their vulnerable hearts. When I spoke publicly, I spoke more broadly, but I looked upon my listeners and became more and more conscious of their crosses, their burdens. It was never about me. I already possessed the Father. My preaching was always about giving others what I already possessed. As such, my heart remained open to every child of God. Anne, my heart is still open to every child of God. Those who truly represent me also possess the Father and they also desire that each listener be drawn into better and better understanding of the love of their Father. My followers must share this goal and serve this hope that I have, which is never overcome. 

You must set an example. Be firm in your insistence that mercy and joy is available for every person created by God. This message of ours liberates. When Paul was released from prison, he simply continued to serve. I want you to be like Paul, sharing my love and persuading others that mercy is available in each moment for every person. That is the message for today. Holy mercy, unfathomable to the human mind, dispatched continually from Heaven to Earth through every single apostle. Share this message, Anne. Be firm.