Make reparation for the good of your souls

By Christina Gallagher

June 7, 2023

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Christina Gallagher

Message of Our Lady to Christina

My dear little ones of My Heart, I come to you both today in the joy and glory of Jesus My Son. He desires you both to relate to My children of New York this special call which God permits Me to make: My dear children, I gaze upon each one of you already before the day has commenced. I look into each one's heart. I already know your needs but your needs and the needs of God are so different. You desire to partake of the needs of the flesh and of the world. My children, as your Mother, I desire to teach you that you need to desire what My Son wants to give you. That is what is fruitful for your soul. To accomplish this you must reject the flesh and the world and in your heart desire to become like children to please Jesus your Divine Saviour for the benefit of your souls.

In your existence on earth you want to do the will of God but you want to do the will of your humanity in a much greater way. As your Spiritual Mother I desire you to respond to the call of My Divine Son Jesus. In that way it will not be pleasing to the flesh or your humanity. I desire you live the Law of God and His Commandments. This House is given as a gift for reparation before God. Come and pray in reparation for your souls and those of your families. My dear children, I love each one of you - even those whose hearts are far from Me today - but I stand before your hearts imploring you to make reparation for the good of your souls. Know I am always close to you and I desire each one of you to wear the Matrix Medal because thereupon I pray before the merits of My Divine Son's cross to the Father in Heaven.

My dear children, each one of you is so dear to My Heart and I desire to lead you to the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus. God has granted Me this gift to communicate with you today through My little one and her Spiritual Director. I draw upon this House and upon each one of you a very special blessing. The Precious Blood of My Son will fall upon each one who enters this House. On this day, in union with My little one and her Spiritual Director I will be present and impart through the merits of the Precious Blood of My Divine Son Jesus, great graces. I desire you to listen to My Message and the call of My Divine Son, Jesus.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Message of Jesus to Christina

June 7, 2023

My people, you the redeemed of My Life, I am with you today and I want you to know how much I love you. You who are ailing in body and soul, I invite you to come to My House of Reparation and I can set you free. There will be many healings in body and soul in this House as the apocalypse approaches. Do not await what will happen next but pray in reparation through the Redemption which is the greatest means of My Mercy.

I bless you in My Father, I Jesus, your Redeemer, in the Holy Spirit.