Messages from Our Lady

By Eduardo Ferreira

February 12 and February 13, 2018

February 13, 2018, São José dos Pinhais / PR
On this day I invite you once again to pray with Me for peace and also for the whole church.
My children, do not grow tired of praying. Do not tire of doing penance.
Our adversary is furious to see many of my children putting my requests into practice.
Be careful not to fall into his snares.
Prayer, sacrifice and penance I ask of you.
With love I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

February 12, 2018, São José dos Pinhais / PR
My children, peace.
With my Heart overflowing with joy, I come down from Heaven this evening to tell you that God loves you very much.
I want my children to continue to pray for peace.
Do not grow tired of praying the holy rosary for peace.
I am your Mother the Mystical Rose - Queen of Peace, Mother of Love; Mother of Trust.
My children, do not be discouraged facing difficulties.
Believe in my presence among you.
I want to tell you that I will no longer appear on Thursdays as a fixed date as has been usual.
Know dear children that it has been 30 years of dedication for each one of you. As Mother it is my duty to care for everyone.
Put into practice all these messages that I have left during these 30 years, which I brought you in order to exhort you to conversion.
Do not grow tired of praying for one another.
Pray for peace in your families and also for the projects that I started in 1988.
My children, if one day I no longer appear, do not be discouraged, for I will always be with you.
I will be here every day to welcome everyone, for them to come and ask Me for advice or even a grace.
Thank you for each one of you, for accepting this request of mine today.
Prayer, sacrifice and penance.
To my little children (the volunteers in this work):
Do not be discouraged. Do not let the flame of faith go out that I have been tending with affection over these 30 years.
I continue to repeat:
Give good testimony.
The greatest sign I can give you today is my presence among you.
Pray for the church.
Pray for your families.
Pray also for the rulers of this nation.
Pray for this sanctuary.
At this moment I pray for each one of you.
(at this moment many people start to rest)
There are children among you who live here:
Give good testimony to those who come here. Each of you is responsible for one another.
Little children, do not grow tired of taking my images to your homes. Disclose my messages.
Take my messages to every heart that does not know My true love.
I am the Mother of Love, the Lady of the Mystical Rose.
At this moment I will make my maternal blessing descend upon each one of you.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.