You will know that the Warning has come

By Eduardo Ferreira

November 24, 2020

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Rosa Mistica Rainha da Paz

Message from St. Anthony of Padua

Peace and Good! Beloveds, this evening I invite you ones to pray for the Pontiff.

Those who condemn the Pope create a schism within the Catholic Church.


This generation has offended the Sacred Hearts a lot at the spreading calumnies against Pope Francis.

Reparation is needed.

Dear ones, pray for North Korea. Many leaders (of nations) have become cruel and death is waiting for many nations through their own hands.

Many nations will experience the burning flame (fire). I ask: Where will the nations find relief for their ills?

The hour that God will exercise His justice is coming. Punishments are at the door.

All God's orders, will be fulfilled.

When you hear a different might thunder, you will know that the Warning has come. Fear not! All this needs have to happen.

Ruin will come in many cities.

This time in which you ones live is of Grace. Live the messages of the Sacred Hearts.

I bless you ones in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.