Prepare for the times in which you live

By Eduardo Ferreira

September 12, 2020

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Message from Our Lady

My children, my Immaculate Heart rejoices very much today to see you gathered in prayer in this My Sanctuary.

My children, it' s necessary to pray. Without prayer, you will not be able to keep standing.

The time has come when hard hearts like stone are criticizing many of my children, especially you who are by my side, listening to my calls.

My children, time is running out. It' s necessary for you to convert, to change your life, your behavior.

The day is coming when God will give a proof of his existence, but many will not have time to convert.

How many messages have I left, warning that terrible days would come for the Church... today it climbs the Calvary.

Today I am here to invite you to meditate on the Holy Wounds of my Divine Son and also to repair the Wounds that are in his Body.

There is much hatred in people's hearts, it saddens me greatly. Do not you ones forget the consecration to Me.

Prayer, Fasting, penance and obedience I ask of you.

My children, the Church not far away will try to crown a man where he has thoughts of destruction. You, my beloved children, need to pray a lot.

Whoever has the means to go to the Holy Land, go quick. Walk you ones in the footsteps of my Son Jesus.

My children, I ask you to heed my requests.

The dragon is not sleeping. He stands up against this generation. Prepare for the times in which you live and do not look back. Raise your eyes to the High. I want everyone praying by my side. Pray my children. Always ask for the Holy Spirit.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.