God is Not Distant

By Eduardo Ferreira

July 12, 2021

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Our Lady the Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace

Dear children, on this day I invite you to pray for families. Pray, pray, my children. On this day I also invite you to conversion. A complete conversion, turned towards God. My children, pray with love and trust. God can give you everything you ask of Him, but many of you [only] seek God when you are sick, in the problems and difficulties of everyday life. Many even say that God is distant or does not listen to your prayers, but this is not true, my children: it is you who are living in separation from God. Do not be discouraged. Pray and remain with God. If you stay away from God, you will not receive graces. Today is a day of grace. I am your Mother, Mystical Rose — Queen of Peace. I bless you with love.


See also recently-posted video of the exudation of oil from a crucifix in Sao Jose dos Pinhais during Holy Week (watch from 3:30):