Message from Our Lady the Mystical Rose and Queen of Peace

By Eduardo Ferreira

July 13, 2021

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Beloved children, on this feast day, I invite you to pray with Me for peace for humankind.

I have been with you for more than three decades, and I invite you to pray for the conversion of humankind.

My children, give good witness to your brothers. Give good example to those who do not believe in my apparitions.

I come from heaven to invite you to pray for my beloved children*.

Prayer, sacrifice and penance I ask of you today.

My children, accept with love and patience all your sufferings.

Pray as a family.

I am Mary Mystical Rose - Queen of Peace.

Do not get tired of working in this shrine. Pray and give yourself to this place that is my dwelling place.

Thank you for the affection of each child who has come to visit Me today in My shrine.

With love I bless you.

(Our Lady also said that at the next apparitions, Saint Joseph and the baby Jesus will come with Her. She also invites us to be here on December 8.)


*Translation note: (priests)