Message from Our Lady the Mystical Rose & Queen of Peace

By Eduardo Ferreira

June 13, 2021

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Rosa Mistica Rainha da Paz

My children, peace!

I invite you to prayer, sacrifice and penance for the whole Church. Pray for the priests, bishops, cardinals, for the Pope and in a special way for the seminarists. Pray, pray.

Be obedient to my Son Jesus and to me who am your mother.

Why so much sadness? Why so much discouragement when you ones pray?

Know dear children, when you pray, I am present with you and I pray with you.

Bend your knees in family and pray the Rosary. Hard days are coming. Family! You ones need to pray!

At this moment you ones may get shots of the sun. I express my love for each one of you here today.

I am Mary Mystical Rose Queen of Peace.

With love I bless you.