Overstepping the Limits of Disorder

By Eduardo Ferreira

November 13, 2021

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Saint Joseph

Beloveds, I, Joseph, invite you to convert now, because for you there may be no tomorrow. I am calling you for your salvation. Beloveds, do not entertain yourselves with vulgar things that steal time from you. Do not seek useless things for yourselves that will prevent you from reaching eternal life. The faith that embraces the heart is the faith that leads to salvation. Beloveds, if you want to save your souls, take up your cross with love. Mary, your Mother, is exhausted: tears continue flowing down her face and the sins of humanity mock her suffering heart. I, Joseph, warn you that if you do not change your habits and your lives, you will be lost and unable to recover salvation. Beloveds, the sinful illusions of this world have overstepped the limits of disorder, even within the Church. God’s tolerance will no longer stand for so much evil. Always be pure in heart and cleanse yourselves. I give you my blessing. I am Joseph the carpenter.