The Time of Francis Ending?

By Eduardo Ferreira

October 13, 2021

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Our Lady, Rosa Mystica, Queen of Peace

Peace. On this special day, [1] I invite you to prayer, fasting, sacrifices and penance with one voice, asking the Father for clemency and so that there would be repentance. No countries will escape Divine Justice. Pray for priests and missionaries. The time of the successor of Peter is coming to an end. [2] Pray much for the one who is coming. Mercy is at your door. [3] Never doubt this apparition. I am the Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace. With love I bless you.


↑1 Anniversary of the apparition at Fatima, Portugal
↑2 Since there are two living successors to Peter still alive (Francis and Emeritus Benedict XVI), it is uncertain who is referred to here. However, given the next phrase: “the one who is coming”, it may suggest that after the end of Pope Francis’ reign, an anti-pope will claim the seat of Peter (note: an anti-pope is someone who is not canonically elected and therefore an illegitimate successor). It may also refer to a legitimate successor as well.
↑3 This could be a reference to the “Warning” or “illumination of conscience”, which several seers have communicated is nearing (see The Great Day of Light). Given the previous sentence, it could also be a reference to a legitimately elected pontiff who needs the strength of the Church’s prayers.