Humanity is Blind

By Eduardo Ferreira

November 24, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from St. Anthony of Lisbon/Padua

Peace and goodness. Beloved, I come to give you this message in the name of God the Father and the Virgin Mary, Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace. Listen and write carefully. This is a time given over to Satan. In every way and form he is trying to divide the Church of Jesus Christ. You must pray with greater confidence the Holy Rosary requested in these apparitions. Only those who are firm in prayer, like a rock, will remain standing. Humanity continues to waste the graces that God has given through the holy and immaculate hands of the Blessed Mother. The Blessed Virgin Mary was sent to Sao José dos Pinhais as God’s messenger, but few people give her credit. Humanity is blind: it does not know what God will send to the world if we do not pay attention to her apparitions. Today I am here under the orders of the Heavenly Commander, the victorious Queen. Beloved, pray for the children, for young people who are afraid and traumatized by any kind of violence, whether on the street or even at home. I also invite you to forgive those who persecute you or who have persecuted you. Pray also for the souls of your friends and acquaintances. Pray for all those suffering from chemical dependency. Receive the blessing I give in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.