The Great Day is Closer Than You Can Imagine

By Eduardo Ferreira

November 12, 2023

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from St Anthony

Peace and goodness [to you]. The Great Day is closer than you can imagine. Prepare yourselves in prayer so that you would not be taken by surprise or fall asleep. Tonight I come to this place to speak to you. Wake up and welcome the voice that comes from heaven to you, my brothers and sisters. The Lord wants to restore your souls that are corrupted by sin. Accept these messages: do not reject the messages of the Three Hearts [of Jesus, Mary and Joseph]. Do not push them away, do not suffocate them, do not despise them. Hear them. This is a sign from heaven for Brazil, the voice of the Three Hearts coming to Sao José dos Pinhais. Listen to them. I only ask you to love and to change your lives. Seek the path to perfection together with these Three Hearts. I am asking much of you, this is much for you, [but] my message today is to love and respect the Three Hearts. Let the Three Hearts penetrate your hearts. These hearts want to be the center of your lives and your families. Give yourselves totally to Jesus, to the heavenly Mother and Saint Joseph. 
I ask you to pray more for priests. Pray for the Church, pray for priests so that the Holy Spirit would enlighten them. I also ask you to stop and end the noise within the Church; enter for worship and not for idle conversations. How many conversations are there in Church? Pray for noisy instruments to be eliminated. Do you think, beloved, that noisy music pleases Jesus? I tell you that no, it does not please Him, but yes, you are pleasing men. When you enter the Church, bow down, bow down in the presence of Jesus. Bow down and recognize that you are nothing. Bow down and recognize your wretchedness. Beloved [plural], pray for the conversion of the poor priests. Pray, be persevering in your prayers. Do not waste time on things that will pass. 
Join with me, all of you, for the day will come when those who are scattered will weep in repentance for time wasted on illusions that appeal to you. This time is the time of grace. Heresies are taking hold of humanity, even within the Church of Christ. You will suffer misfortune and disaffection for having preserved your spirit.* Many of you will fight a battle of insults in what is to come. Hypocrisy and pestilence will destroy many. Those who are overpowering this world will oblige you to deny the truth written by the prophets. You must be one with God in order to have strength in the fight against evil. Strengthen your immortal soul with prayers. Punishment will fall on nations that do not accept the Savior. Be obedient to your God so that in the coming hour you would not falter. Be persevering, meek and active. Do not hide from these messages but live them out for your own salvation. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
* i.e. having preserved your spirits from heresy. Translator’s note