My Two Witnesses

By Enoch

July 28, 2020

“Sheep of my Grey, Peace to you.

Flock of mine, during the time of the great tribulation and the last reign of my adversary, I will only give my Word and Grace, to my Two Witnesses, to no one else. I will clothe them with the Power of my Glory and they will do wonders in heaven and on earth; with their power they will destroy the heresies and deceptions of the Antichrist and they will be able to hit the earth with all kinds of calamities and plagues. My Two Witnesses will prophesy with the strength, power, and wisdom of my Holy Spirit, so that my People may be strengthened in faith and truth. They, together with my Mother and my Angels, will pave the way for my next coming.

Only to my Two Witnesses will be given the Word of Prophecy in those days so that they can lead my people. My Two Olive Trees will have the power to tie and untie in heaven and on earth and to make it not raining for the duration of their mission, One Thousand Two hundred and Sixty Days. (1,260). They will be a scourge to the Antichrist who will not be able to touch or harm them during the time of their mission. The Antichrist will not be able to deploy all his wickedness or to steal the soul of all mankind, for my Two Witnesses will be there to prevent him. Only those who are not written in the Book of Life will be lost.

The son of perdition will seek by all means to eliminate them, but the Power of God will cover them with his Wings. Only when they nish their mission he will be able to touch them; He will kill them but their bodies will not be buried, they will remain exposed in the great square of the city where the Lord was crucied. On the third day the Power of God will resurrect them. (Revelation 11, 8). Rejoice Flock of mine, for the time of the appearance of my Two Witnesses is about to begin. Give them all your material and spiritual help, so that my Two Olives can carry out the nal stage of my Plan of Salvation. In your passage through eternity you will know them so that when they present themselves in your world. you already know who they are and you can follow them. The rst stage of my plan of salvation began in America, the Continent of Hope; from this land, pleasing to my Eyes, I have made known my Messages of Salvation to the whole world; I have been instructing and preparing my flock for the days of the Great Tribulation and for the days of the great Armageddon who will give you victories over the forces of evil. One of my Two Witnesses is already in your midst but you have not recognized him, the other one I have him reserved for the time of the last reign of the Antichrist.

It is from America that I am calling my Flock through my Messages of Salvation; My Messages are the compass that will guide you and protect you as you pass through the desert; take them and put them into practice so you can live tomorrow. I have sent you the complete Spiritual Armor, for your strength, the Rosary of Provision for the times of scarcity; Prayers of Protection so that you may remain victorious in the face of the mental attacks; remedies of Heaven and most importantly I have sent you to my Mother and the power of her Holy Rosary, that you may not feel alone and thus, taken by Her Hand and in the company of my Angels, my Two Witnesses and the Blessed Souls, you may arrive safely at the gates of my New Creation. So, prepare Sheep of my Flock, for your passage through the desert of purification is approaching. Follow and listen to my Two Witnesses, abide by the instructions of my Mother, and put into practice my messages of salvation, that your passage through the desert may be more bearable to you.

MyPeace I leave you, my Peace I give you. Repent and be converted, for the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Make my messages of salvation known to the whole world, Sheep of my Flock.”