Hard trials await the People of God

By Enoch

June 25, 2020

Mary the Mystic Rose

“Little children of my Heart, the Peace of my Son be with you all and my Maternal Protection always accompany you.

My Beloved Children, the New World Order has begun, hard trials await the People of God. The Rulers of many nations, the Media and the International Organizations, serve this new world government, which will bring slavery, control, subjugation and poverty, especially to the inhabitants of nations called Developing Countries. In the last reign of my Adversary all mankind will be subdued by the New World Order.

This will be the only government that will rule in the world during my adversary’s last reign. I feel great sadness in my Heart as Mother of humanity, in seeing how the People of God will be enslaved! The persecutions in the world against Christians and Catholics have begun; in many nations in the Far East and in those where the communist atheist regime governs, my poor little children are being tortured, made disappear, imprisoned and stripped of their property and rights. All those whom they have proof that they are Catholic or Christian, the state deprives them of all their services. In many nations, being Christian or Catholic is already a crime.

The Houses of my Son in these nations are being burned, destroyed, and their Tabernacles desecrated. My Jesus, in the Blessed Sacrament, is being trampled upon and thrown out of them. O what a sorrow I feel, in seeing my Son, again humiliated and mistreated, by the hands of the executioners at the service of evil! The People of God is starting the exile, persecutions and abuses, are increasing. Many of my little children in these nations for their lack of faith and trust in God are publicly renouncing their faith, and the saddest thing to my Son Jesus, it is all to preserve their lives and properties. Little children, very soon in all nations the persecutions of the People of God will begin. When the New World Order takes over the world, the outrages, torture, imprisonment and death are going to be what awaits the Children of God.

My Children, the New World Order seeks to end the Christian and Catholic religion; they want to erase the Name of my Son Jesus, from the mind and heart of his Faithful People. Little ones, fear not, I am the Shepherdess of my Son’s Flock and the care of It. Consecrate yourselves to Our Two Hearts and stand firm in the faith, so that you may overcome these trials; for no reason you will betray my Son, by renouncing your faith; remember that Heaven will not abandon you. The power of Our Two Hearts will protect and accompany you, so that you may overcome all the attacks of my adversary and his hosts of evil.

May the Peace of my Son remain in you and my Love and Maternal Protection always accompany you.

Your Mother loves you, Mary the Mystic Rose.

Make my messages Known to all mankind, my Beloved Children.”