Prepare yourselves for the arrival of a new pandemic

By Enoch

June 17, 2020

Jesus the Good Shepherd

“My Peace be with you, sheep of my Grey.

My flock, prepare yourselves for the arrival of a new pandemic, humanity will remain in confinement until it decides to return to God from the heart. Viruses and pandemics will continue to hit and decimate humanity for a time. The conspiracies of the Elites, Media and International Organizations will lead humanity into longer confinements. Fear, panic, confinement and hope are part of the conspiracies.

The New World Order already begun to take place on the earth; the kings of the great nations want to unify the world, politically, socially, culturally and technologically, in order to exercise control and subjugation over developing nations. They want to take over the world so that there is only one government, a single economic system, a single culture, a single religion, and a single currency; all this aiming to pave the way for the appearance and the last reign of the Antichrist.

Flock of mine, the so called “Globalization”, what it seeks is to subdue the poor nations, which would lose their autonomy, their economy, their culture and identity. All the natural resources of the poor nations would be exploited by the one world government, which would be made up of the kings of the great and powerful nations. The population of the poor nations would be enslaved.

Sheep of my Flock, only prayer, fasting and penance that you make in chains worldwide, will be able to destroy the plans of the emissaries of evil. Put your faith and trust in God and consecrate yourselves, your families and nations, to Our Two Hearts and I assure you that the works of the wicked ones will roll on the ground. My flock do not fear viruses and pandemics; seal yourselves with the power of my Blood, pray the Psalm 91, morning and night, extending it to your children and family members, and rebuke in my Name and with the Power of my Blood, all the viruses, plagues, and pandemics, and I assure you that you will not be infected or will die because of them.

May my Peace remain with you, Flock of mine.

Your Master and Shepherd, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Make my messages known to all mankind, Sheep of My Grey.”