Do not hesitate to call me, you will need Me

By Enoch

May 22, 2020

Message from Raphael the Archangel

“People of God, the Peace of the Most High be with you all.

Beloved Brothers, I am Raphael Archangel, also called “Medicine of God”; by the Mercy and Grace of the Most High I will be accompanying you on your passage through the desert of purification. I am one of the many Archangels who remain in worship and in praise near the Throne of God. The mission entrusted to me is to assist, protect and heal you with God’s Medicine, so that you may receive healing from Heaven. I am the Chief Medical Officer of Heaven and I oversee all my brothers the Archangels and Angels, who, like me, are responsible to heal the People of God.

The Heavenly Physicians, we are ready to help you, care for you and bring you the remedies of Heaven, who will heal all kind of diseases in this world. In these times where you are living in so much turmoil of so much darkness, where diseases, viruses and pandemics whip you, do not doubt to turn to Me. Put your faith and trust in God the Most High first and ask Him that by my humble intercession I can assist you. My Father and yours, is Infinitely Merciful and will send me together with my Brothers Medical Doctors of Heaven to help you, if you ask for it.

Brethren, these are times of darkness and the emissaries of evil are making you sick with viruses and pandemics, created by them. The attack on the People of God has already begun; therefore do not hesitate to call me, you will need Me, so that by the Mercy of God I may cure your diseases. I give you this powerful prayer so that you may do it in faith and to invoke me. Ask Papa God, by my humble Intercession, to grant you the healing of the body or of the soul you need. Do not forget that I am Medicine of God and I am at your service.



Blessed Archangel Raphael, “Medicine of God”, come to my aid in the company of the Archangels and the Angels Medical Doctors of Heaven, because I feel sick in my body and in my soul. I turn to You, mighty Heavenly Physician, so that if it is the Will of God and by your Holy Intercession, you may grant me the healing my body needs and the protection my soul needs. O Blessed Archangel Raphael, you who guided and protected Tobias and healed Tobit’s blindness, come to care for me and to give me the Medicine of Heaven, to heal my spiritual blindness and the sickness that trouble my body. Glorious Archangel Raphael, come and help me and bring me the Medicine of Heaven that heals my physical and spiritual illness. May it all be for the Glory of God. Amen,

Pray the Creed and the Our Father.

May the Peace of the Most High remain in you men of good will.

Your Brother and Servant, Raphael, the Archangel. Medicine of God.

Give brethren to know my messages to all mankind.”