In the times of scarcity and famine Pray

By Enoch

April 22, 2020

Call of Jesus of Mercy

"My Peace be with all of you, my Beloved People.

My beloved ones, do not be afraid nor make your heart sad; remember that I will not abandon you. Accept with love these trials of purification, for they are necessary for you to be able to dwell tomorrow in my New Creation. Difficult days are coming, but if you have your faith and trust in Me, nothing of what is about to come will hurt you. Remember what my Word says: who can separate us from the Love of God? Suffering, or hardship, or persecution, or hunger, or nudity, or danger, or death? Nothing can separate us from the Love that God has shown us in Christ Jesus our Lord! (Romans 8. 35, 39)

Again I say unto you my little ones: do not fear, I am your Light and Salvation. I am your strength. (Psalm 27.1) Trust in Me, and give Me all your worries and needs, which I will carry for you and, to the extent of your faith, I will bring my Love, my Peace and Mercy to you. Do not worry about what you have to eat, drink, or dress. Isn't life worth more than food and the body more than clothes? My Father feeds the birds of the sky and dresses the lilies of the field; Aren't you worth more than them? (Matthew 6. 25, 26, 27,28)

I am your Jesus of Infinite Mercy, come to Me, and I will provide for you. Pray with my Rosary of Mercy and after (following) with my Rosary of Provision, that I sent you through this Messenger of mine and the bread of every day, I will send you. In the times of scarcity and famine that are beginning, be very aware of my Rosaries, so that you may receive my blessing. Be charitable and merciful to your brethren most in need. May your faith be accompanied by works so that you may be beyond reproach in my Father's eyes. Those (of you) who have storage of food, do not forget that in the days of famine, you must share them. Remember that my Father will multiply every grain of food in your pantry that you give with love to your brethren most in need. Prayer, love, faith and charity with your brethren will be the strength that will help you succeed in the approaching trials. Only if you are united in the love both for God and your brethren, you will be able to overcome adversities and calamities of these days of purification.

Dear People of mine, you are already walking through the desert, but do not fear, remain in my Love, helping one another; don't be sad or do not let yourself be robbed of the peace. On the contrary, be happy and rejoice, because the end of your slavery is near.

Stay in my Peace, My beloved ones.

Your Jesus, of the infinite Mercy.

My children, make my messages known to all mankind."