Very soon you will witness holographic projections in the firmament

By Enoch

May 1, 2020

Message from Jesus the Good Shepherd

"Sheep of my Flock, my Peace be with you.

Flock of mine, days of anguish and of uncertainty that humanity is living in, I tell you, you will have to get used to living with these days, because they are part of your purification. Do not despair, on the contrary, give thanks to God for much or little you will receive in these tragic days. Humanity, separated from God, will not be able to resist these tribulations; only if you are spiritual and have your faith and trust in Me, you are able to resist confinement, famine, unemployment, scarcity, anguish and all other tribulations, which pandemics will leave at their passage.

At the passage of the days, new viruses will appear, I announce this, not to scare you nor for you to panic, but for you to prepare materially and spiritually. Again I say unto you: If you are united to Me like the branch to the vine, you do not have to worry, for I, your Eternal Shepherd, will be your refuge, protection and cover. The days of confinement will continue and much of the humanity will go crazy and will make the blood run. In many nations there will be revolts and demonstrations, especially in the poorest ones; they will demand that their rulers act with fairness and social justice. Hunger, unemployment, scarcity and lack of opportunity will trigger civil wars. Many nations because of the fall of their economies, will go bankrupt.

My Flock, the atheist communism will take advantage of all these manifestations to extend its tentacles and seize the government of many nations. Communism will spread throughout the world and will enslave many countries; it will be one of the Antichrist's greatest ally in his last reign. When humanity is going to be more troubled, my Glorious Cross will appear in heaven, which will fill my Flock with hope and faith, and announce the arrival of my Warning.

Sheep of my Flock, very soon you will witness holographic projections in the firmament. Be careful flock of mine, do not let yourself be deceived, because these holograms are the beginning of the Show of Deception with which the emissaries of evil want to prepare humanity for the apparition of the Antichrist! Many luminous spheres that you call unidentified flying objects (UFOS) will also begin to manifest in large number in many places on Earth. The rulers and men of science of your world will say that they are aliens, beings of light, who come peacefully to live with the human race and to share their technology. Be careful flock of mine, you fall into this deception, for you well know that these beings do not come from other worlds, but they are demons disguised as beings of light, who will accompany the Antichrist in his last reign!

Therefore be attentive and vigilant, flock of mine, that you may not fall into these deceptions; the holographic projections and demons you call Extraterrestrials are part of the Show of Deception, with which my adversary wants to make himself known to humanity. You have been warned that nothing and no one takes you by surprise. May the children of darkness do not continue to be smarter than the children of light.

My Peace I leave you, My Peace I give you.

Repent and be converted, for the Kingdom of God is near.

Your Teacher, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Make my messages known to all mankind, Sheep of my Flock."