Cling to my Holy Rosary

By Enoch

November 5, 2020

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Urgent call of Mary Who Sanctifies to the People of God.

“My beloved little children, the Peace of my Lord be with you all, and my Maternal Protection, always accompany you.

My children, I am very sad and I cannot stop crying, because many little souls are being lost due to the sins of the flesh, the world and its worries, and the misuse of technology, which is leading many families and many souls to turn away from God. This humanity is every time more lost. I cannot stop crying for the increase of abortions in the world, for the loss of faith, and in seeing how my Son is outraged and despised by those who claim to be His relatives. My Heart of Mother of humanity is pierced every day by the sin and the evil of this ungrateful humanity.

Little children, the chastisement for humanity is approaching and there is already no way back. This humanity of these last times, is perverse, arrogant, and the most evil and sinful of all the generations that have existed; every day sin and wickedness increase more, the Just Wrath of God will soon be unleashed upon the impious and the wicked ones, upon the nations and rulers, who have passed laws against nature. Fire from Heaven is approaching in large quantity and the technology of the men of science of your world will not be able to stop. The fireballs are hidden, after the Warning, everything will unleash and humanity separated from God will cry out for mercy to heaven and already will no longer be heard.

Pray, my little ones, with my Holy Rosary morning, noon and night, because darkness already envelops the earth. Evil, like chaff, is spreading wide, the cult to the devil is spreading and infecting everything in this world; the practice of the occult is increasing and many little children, due to their lukewarmness and distance from God, are being bound by my adversary through his instruments of evil. Remain in God’s Grace and with your Armor put morning and night, reinforced with Psalm 91, prayer, fasting and penance; by invoking at all times the Power of the Blood and the Wounds of my Son, and asking for my intercession and protection, through the prayer of my Rosary, so you can repel, my little ones, all the occultism that abounds in these times.
Dark days are coming, my children, be prepared spiritually so that no evil force can harm you. You are already in the times of obscurity and darkness, may your prayer, faith and trust in God be the light that guides you in your walk through this world. At any moment, the Schism will blow up in the Church of my Son, which will be worse than the explosion of many atomic bombs. Millions of souls because of scandals will lose faith and will separate from the Church of my Son; the spiritual hecatomb will shake the foundations of the Church and it will seem that the faith in God would disappear. The emissaries of evil will rejoice and will establish a new church, trying to destroy the Church of my Son; but none of this will happen, because the Church of God is founded on the firm Rock that is my Son, and the gates of hell will not prevail against Her, it is written. My Marian Army and the Remnant Church, holding my hand and together with the company of Miguel and the Armies of Heaven and Blessed Souls, will raise up like the Phoenix; the New Church of the People of God, which will be poor, simple, humble, but full of Love and Charisms, for the service of the People of God.

Therefore, my little ones cling to my Holy Rosary and I assure you that neither you nor your families will be lost. My Rosary is the Anchor of Salvation, it is the compass that will take you safely to the doors of the New Creation. Have courage children of mine, do not lose heart, you are lacking the last stretch which is full of traps, obstacles and tribulations, but if you walk with me holding my hand and clinging to my Rosary, nothing will happen to you! Do not fear my little ones, you well know that every night has its dawn and every darkness has its light; light that will make you see the end of the road and will show you the aurora of a New Dawn.

May the Peace of my Lord remain in you and my Love and Maternal Protection accompany you always.

Your Mother, Mary Who Sanctifies.

Let little children know my messages and spread the prayer of my seven Hail Marys.”