In the midst of pain and tribulation my Warning will come

By Enoch

August 16, 2021

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Call from God the Father to His Faithful People

11:30 AM

My Peace be with you, my People, my Heritage.

My children, the wrath of nature has begun to awaken, many places on earth will disappear through the transformation of creation. When the volcanoes erupt in chains, there will be no place on earth that will stop moving; the coastal regions will be the most affected by the awakening of the volcanoes and the earth movements. The dragon of the great North Country is close to erupting and as it awakens, the other fire dragons will follow it in a chain. Woe to you Babylon of these last times, for if you do not convert and return to Me repentant; the fire that will spring from the bowels of your yellow dragon will clothe you in mourning! Very soon fire from heaven and fire from the bowels of the earth will purify my creation and my creatures, and the ungodly nations will disappear.

The days of my Justice are beginning and there is no turning back; in the midst of pain and tribulation my Warning will come, which will awaken you and make you aware that the only path you must follow is the path of salvation for your soul. Again I say to you, my People; remain calm in the days of purification; pray and praise the Glory of God, so that all the events that will occur will be more bearable for you and you will be able to endure your purification without losing your mind.

Ungodly nations, if you do not convert before the Warning, you will know the rigor of my Justice! Nations, where my Precepts are violated daily, where unnatural laws have been passed, where the blood of my innocents has been spilled, where wickedness reigns, injustice and sin have taken root; I say to you: your days are numbered, weighed and measured; if you do not repent of your detestable actions, I will make you disappear with the fire of my Justice and there will be no memory of you, sinful nations! The time of your existence is counting down.

Be gone, be gone, my people of the ungodly nations, for I have already decreed your punishment! Ruin and dust are what will be left of them; their land will be barren no one will occupy them anymore, nor will the grass grow. This is the time, my People, when you must abandon these nations and those of you who are strangers, you must return to your places of origin. I warn you in advance so that, as Lot did with his family, you too will abandon those ungodly nations, for the Angel of my Divine Justice will unleash his Sword of Fire upon them.

The time of my Mercy is in its last thousandths; Run, run, sinners, put your accounts in order, before my days of Mercy run out; for the days of my Justice are coming and I will listen to you no more!

Stay in my Peace, my People, my Heritage.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of the Nations.

Make my messages of salvation known to the four corners of the earth, my People.